Your Biggest Hair Myths Busted

Is brushing your hair everyday really good for it? An expert weighs in

We asked an expert to separate myth from truth when it comes to enduring hair tales.

Myth: 100 brushstrokes a day makes hair silky

It turns out that constant brushing isn’t strictly required. “Your hair is delicate and should only be brushed when necessary,” advises Dr Tim Moor, PhD in microelectronics from Cambridge University and chief technology officer at ghd. “Over-brushing can damage your scalp and hair cuticles.” To brush safely, Dr Moore suggesting investing in a paddle brush; the big, flat shape is smoothing and anti-static. 

True: Brushing wet hair is a no-no.

Just out of the shower? Put the brush down. “A brush may actually tear your water-weakened locks, causing instant breakage,” says Dr Moore. “Use a wide-spaced comb, and go slowly to minimise damage.” Try: ghd Paddle Brush; Lady Jayne comb

True: Washing hair every day is damaging

This is because hair becomes weak when it’s wet. “Reducing your hair exposure to being very wet for long periods and towel-drying with reduce breakage,” says Dr Moore. “Washing also removes the natural oils, which are helpful in reducing frizz and protecting your hair.” The one exception to this rules is “ultra-fine and oily hair types,” says Dr Moore, which may need daily washing. For all other hair types “washing every other day is usually best.” Try: Aquis Luxe Hair Turban, to cut down on the drying damage.

Myth: Leaving hair loose overnight is best

“Definitely tie your hair up when you sleep,” advises Dr Moore. “Clumping the hair together means it is more resistant to breakage. It is a bit like a rope – one fibre in a rope is very weak, but bundle them together and you can pull a ship. It is exactly the same with hair.” 

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