These Runway Approved Hairstyles Are Trending

You'll want to jump on the band-wagon!

Reflecting on a vibrant Australian Fashion Week, we wanted to pay homage to the incredible hair looks that caught our eye (yes, we’re still thinking about them).

From the effortless textured waves at Liandra to ultra-polished, intricate plaits at MASTANI , we saw it all. One welcome trend we saw amidst the 30+ designer shows, was the embrace of hairs natural texture and shape. Shark Beauty, Fashion Weeks’s official hair tool partner, played a central role in this new ethos. Their tools, which were used at all shows, are engineered with For All Hairkind™ to cater to every hair texture and type. Their ambassador and hairstylist Chris Hunter says “Whether your hair is curly, wavy, coily, or straight and if you’re looking to achieve a sleek, straight look or enhance your natural waves, the Shark’s versatility makes it suitable for all. You can achieve a healthy, voluminous finish without compromising on your hair health”. A new hair-standard for Fashion Weeks to follow.

Without further do, here are the wearable trends we’ll be adopting into our routine.

Tousled Half-Up Do

The half-up, half-down look proved to be popular both on and off the runway this year. Models at the Alix Higgins show, which was sponsored by Shark Beauty and O&M, donned looks inspired by 40s and 50s vintage glamour. Unconventional and fluid silhouettes pulled focus at the front, while remaining hair was swept back and left long. The contrast between sharp and smooth was a considered reflective of this years collection according to Hair Director, Daniel Jianing Liu “there are grungy pieces of hair that have been moulded with a bend, it’s an evolution of the hair from last year’s runway show”.

Natural Curls Get The Girls

EM On Holiday. Photography: Lucy Alcorn

It’s time to break up with your straightener: natural curls reigned supreme on this year’s runways. 

At EM On Holiday and Liandra, hair had the kind of gentle bounce that comes from a dip in the ocean and not much else, while at Albus Lumen, locks were elegantly undone, as though models had simply run their fingers through them moments before taking to the catwalk.  To recreate the look, we suggest enlisting Shark Beauty’s SpeedStyle Hair Dryer with its diffuser attachment. Hairstylist Rumbie Mutsiwa suggests using the Coldshot setting every few minutes whilst diffusing to minimise frizz and ensure a smooth finish.

Glass Strands

slick hair fashion week
Asiyam. Photograohy: Supplied by O&M.

Sleek, glossy manes were in favour at the Carla Zampatti and Asiyam runway shows. The look is all about polished strands and reflective sheen. Hair Director of the Asiyam show, Mary Alamin attributes the O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray for the high-shine finish “I used Original Queenie Hairspray on styled waves and brushedt hem out using a wide comb. I let sit, then continued moulding down the hair with a blow dryer to heat set. Finish with a final spritz of Original Queenie Hairspray to hold”.

Side-Part Supremacy

rory-williams-docherty-AFW-beauty (1)
Rory Williams Docherty. Photography: Lucy Alcorn

Gen Z have been touting the superiority of middle parts for years now, but this year’s runways said differently. Models took to the runway at a variety of shows — from Rory Williams Docherty to Alix Higgins — with side parts in every variation, Sorry Gen Z, the designers have spoken.

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