This Woman’s Video Will Put You Off Ever Using A Cheap Hairdryer Again


If you’ve ever wondered exactly what the difference is between, say, a $300 hair dryer and a $30 one, this could be it: a woman named Erika Augthun Shoolbred bought an under-$30 Oracorp hairdryer from Amazon, which she thought was a bargain.. until it almost killed her and burnt down her home. We do not exaggerate.

Erica posted the terrifying footage below to her Facebook page, and it quickly went viral. Most likely because her hairdryer is spewing forth flames instead of hot air:

Erika says Amazon has since removed the product from its website, but neither they nor Oracorp have responded to her complaints so far.

Her post has attracted hundreds of comments from people sharing similar experiences.

Something to keep in mind next time an offer looks too good to be true?

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