Has Kylie Jenner given up lip fillers?

It certainly looks that way

It’s possibly not the most pressing question on the global agenda, but given the amount of attention – and money – Kylie’s famously over-sized pout attracts, we’re going to attempt to answer it.

Her appearance at the Golden Globes after party got everyone talking, partly because she looks simply lovely with a more natural make-up look than we’re used to seeing on her, and partly because of her curiously deflated (how else does one describe it?) lips.

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She of the sell-out-in-seconds plumping lip kits (not to mention a highly publicised penchant for plumping of the injectable kind) appears to be eschewing her signature style for a more natural look. This is Kylie at the Golden Globes after party:

And this is Kylie two weeks ago:

And three months ago:

See what we mean?


Time will tell whether Kylie is embracing her natural lip size – or whether she’s just skipped one too many appointments.

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