4 High Tech Fixes For Your Biggest Beauty Gripes

Because these days, there's a treatment for everything

Got a beauty gripe? These days, there’s a treatment for just about every issue. Below, we’ve rounded up the top four new-age fixes.

1/ Hooded eyes

The tech: Thermage

What it does: Using radiofrequency energy, this non-invasive treatment tightens skin on the neck, jawline and body. It’s particularly good at solving hooded eyes (sans surgery). “Thermage is clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour,” says Katherine Millar-Shannon, cosmetic nurse practitioner at Duquessa Clinic.

The results: You might wait one to six months for results to kick in, but pain is minimal and our ‘awake’ eyes in the morning are impressive.

The cost: $1500-$2000.

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2/ Dullness

The tech: Clear + Brilliant

What it does: Loved by celebs, this ‘baby’ laser is ideal for boosting skin tone and texture with no downtime. “It refreshes skin from the inside out,” says Sylvia Down, practice manager at Skin Renu clinic. “Laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the skin, replacing damaged tissue with healthy tissue.”

The results: This lunchtime laser leaves skin smoother, brighter and less pigmented. Book in for three sessions for clearer skin long term.

The cost: $200-300

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3/ Double chin

The tech: Chin sculpting

What it does: This non-surgical treatment slims the jawline with a series of TGA-approved fat-dissolving injections. With the help of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring bodily acid, fat cells are broken down and eliminated by the body. “The treatment continues to work over the coming months,” explains Laser Clinics Australia’s cosmetic doctor, Jonathan Hopkirk.

The results: A few treatments are needed, four to six weeks apart, but the effect lasts years.

The cost: $1190 per session.

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4/ Pigmentation and age spots

The tech: Fraxel laser

What it does: A deeper, more targeted laser, Fraxel is great for addressing more entrenched skin issues, such as wrinkles, sagging, sun damage, pigmentation, scarring and age spots, by stimulating collagen production and rejuvenating skin cells.

The results: Be prepared for discomfort and a week’s downtime, but as your skin’s natural rejuvenation process kicks in, the results are impressive. The treatment is highly targeted so you can focus on specific concerns.

The cost: $1200-$1500

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