5 marie claire Editors On How & Why They Switched Up Their Skincare Routine

We’re not afraid of a little regime refurbishment.

As the saying goes, change can be as good as a holiday. Especially when it comes to our skin.

Throughout the year—and throughout our lives—our faces have different needs. Our skin might need a bit more hydration to get us through the winter months or adding in a Vitamin C serum  or eye cream might become more important as we grow older.

Or perhaps we’re tempted to try a new product that’s become a fast favourite among celebs or keeps popping up in our Instagram feeds.

We here at marie claire Australia are big fans of trying new things and giving our skin (and our skincare routines) a makeover—so here’s how five of our editors have given their own regimes a little bit of refurbishment.

The Ultimate Moisture Boost

“With the temperature drop near, my dry skin always benefits from an early hydration boost. And come Autumn, I start to add ‘slugging’ to my beauty routine. (Before you ask, no, it doesn’t involve physical slugs.)

“Instead, I switch from a gel moisturiser to a thicker emollient and slather it on at the end of my skincare routine, around 30 minutes before bed.

“Not only does it seal in moisture and promote healing, but it gives the skin that dewy, hydrated bounce. It’s a dry skin lifesaver, for sure.”

—Diandra Malivindi, Digital Beauty Writer 

Vanessa Hudgens beautiful skin
‘Slugging’ may just be the secret to beautiful, glowing skin. (Credit: @vanessahudgens/Instagram)

Expanding The (Skincare) Horizons

“I’ll admit it, I was definitely a little late to the skincare bandwagon—I’ve always used a cleanser and moisturiser (and SPF every day!) but… not much more.

“So, when a very well-meaning and wise friend gently urged me to expand my horizons in my mid 20s, it was like a whole new world.

“A couple of years later with the addition of a toner, oil and a brightening cream, my skin is glowier than it’s ever been. I owe that friend so much…”

—Jess Pullar, Digital Culture Editor 

A Dose Of Vitamin C

“I’m a big fan of preventative skincare, so I’ve added in a Vitamin C serum into my daily routine. Not only does it boost the production of collagen (hello plump and firm skin), but it acts as an antioxidant to neutralise free radicals that damage skin and fights premature signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles.

“It doesn’t feel like an extra step—I just press four or five drops into my skin after cleansing and toning, allowing it to absorb for around 10 minutes before I apply any other products.”

—Jess Clark, Senior Commercial Editor

SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serums C E Ferulic
SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Vitamin C Serum, $233, available online. (Credit: SkinCeuticals)

SkinCeuticals are known as the gold standard in vitamin C serums, utilising pure l-ascorbic acid instead of derivatives for maximum efficacy. Their serums are backed by over 30 years of research on the effects of antioxidants on skin, with formulas to target specific skin concerns.

Their award-winning C E Ferulic rejuvenates skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the powerful plant-based antioxidant ferulic acid.  With SkinCeuticals’ skincare routine finder, you can find and build the perfect regime to complement your Vitamin C serum and your skin’s needs­.

Minimal Product, Maximum Protection

“My skincare routine has had a major shakeup since I started taking medication for acne, so it’s all about sensitive-products and keeping things minimal. Given that my skin is even more sensitive to the sun, I’m churning through sunscreen like there’s no tomorrow.

“My undisputed favourite is the Naked Sundays SPF 50+ Collagen Glow Creme. It has the nicest consistency, is really moisturising and blends in like a dream (and it’s also the perfect base for makeup, helping it to stay on all day).”

—Lucy Cocoran, Digital Lifestyle Editor 

Tools Of The Trade

“The biggest change to my skincare routine was incorporating the use of tools. Lockdown has proven that many at-home devices rival that of a spa-treatment, so I’m bringing the salon to me by embracing LED Devices and Cryotherapy masks.”

Kourtney Kardashian skin
Kourtney Kardashian is one celeb who has embraced the LED mask trend. (Credit: @kourtneykardash/Instagram)

“My Charlotte Tilbury Cyro Recovery Mask is heaven sent for the mornings when I wake up puffy and with a dull complexion. With cooling gel pockets and acupressure points, I immediately feel more relaxed, with my skin firmer, with an unreal glow.

“I’m also loving my LED mask, it’s really worth the investment. As someone who suffers from the occasional breakout, I love using the blue light function to reduce redness and destroy acne-causing bacteria.”

—Ava Gilchrist, Digital Fashion Writer 

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