The Dos And Don’ts Of Gifting Perfume

How to pick a fragrance she’ll actually love

Sure, you could come straight out with it and ask her which perfume she loves, but where’s the fun in that? Follow our simple guide to finding the perfect fragrance for (insert name here).

Do: Your Research

Prior to purchasing the gift, give yourself a long lead-up to watch and observe her preferences. Is she adventurous when it comes to scent and partial to switching it up? Or is she the kind of person who has a signature scent?

From there, it’s time to double down on the fragrance notes. Does she favour florals or fresh notes? Maybe she wears a scent that reminds you of freshly cleaned linen? If you can’t quite put your nose on what she’s wearing, it’s time to spy. While we don’t condone rummaging through her belongings, there’s no harm in spying on her perfume stash from a distance. Are there any common scents among her collection (e.g., florals, ouds, herbs)? Add to notes.

Do: Go With Florals, If In Doubt

There’s something to be said about the versatility of florals: far from ‘playing it safe’, the abundance of floral notes is so vast that everyone, whether they’re drawn to bold scents or prefer to keep things minimal, can find a floral scent that appeals. The Burberry Her range encapsulates the full scope of florals, starting with the bright and energetic Her Blossom EDT, and the fruity gourmand Her EDP, gradually getting richer and bolder with the floral fruity (and new!) Her London Dream EDP, and finally, the rich, sophisticated oriental gourmand Her Intense EDP.

Don’t: Go Rogue

Some scents can be polarising: what smells alluring to some can be off-putting to others. Pull out your spy notebook and use Find A Fragrance to search for the fragrances she already has and pull up some similar options she may not have tried before.

Do: Testers With Her In Mind

A fragrance rarely smells the same on any two people, so the best way to test a perfume for someone else is to use blotting cards (write the name of the perfume on it so you don’t get confused!). Only test three at a time, and carry a coffee with you or take a coffee break to cleanse your palette — otherwise, you’ll go nose blind. After 15 minutes, the scent will settle and if you still think she will love it, add it to the shortlist.

Don’t: Choose Something You Don’t Like

Of course, gift-giving is done with the recipient in mind – but did you know that there are psychological benefits for the person giving the gift, too? The look of joy on the recipient’s face when they open their gift triggers the release endorphins into the gift-giver’s brain, producing the same euphoric feelings that we can experience when we’re falling in love. Going forward, it’s likely that you’ll always remember the gift exchange when you smell the scent, so ensure it’s a perfume that you love as well.

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