The best make-up looks for your eye shape

Almond or deep-set? Understanding your eye shape will help you master your make-up


You have: Eyelids that disappear so your crease appears close to your lash line when your eye is open. You may also find that your mascara smudges onto your lid.

How to: “Begin by applying concealer under your eyes to help brighten and even out the skin tone,” explains celebrity make-up artist Bobbi Brown, adding that this will help you look more awake. She also recommends opting for neutral toned eyeshadows rather than darker tones to lift and open up your eyes.

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You have: Symmetrical eyes that resemble, as the name suggests, the shape of an almond, sometimes with upturned outer corners.

How to: “A simple, natural look works best to enhance almond-shaped eyes,” notes Brown. For everyday application, she suggests sweeping a light shade from your lash line up to your brow bone, and then applying a medium-toned shadow along your crease. “Darkening the crease causes the lighter lid to pop, making your eyes look wider.”

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You have: Eyes that appear to “bulge” forward from the socket line.

How to: To make large eyes appear less puffy, apply a contour shade, such as brown, taupe or grey, at the outer corners of your eyes and carefully blend it inwards. If using eyeliner, don’t forget to thicken the line slightly at your inner and outer corners, and don’t extend it past your lash line.

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Deep set

You have: Eyes that appear as though they are set back under your brow bone.

How to: “Deep-set eyes need to be brought forward with light and medium shades,” states Brown. “Colours that are too dark can recede them and will make the eyes look even more deep set.” Choose earthy tones rather than a dramatic smokey effect.

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