How To Get Insta-Worthy Skin

Are you ready for your close-up?

Whatever your stance on Instagram filters, one thing’s for sure: it would be better if they just weren’t necessary. But we’re not about to wax lyrical about the scourge of social media on our self-esteem (you haven’t come to the beauty section of the website for that). Instead, we’ve asked two of the world’s top makeup artists for their tips on how to fake a filter-like glow – read on for how to get the kind of complexion that just begs a selfie.

1/ Highlight right

Marc Jacobs Beauty global makeup artist Gilbert Soliz says the key to a soft-focus glow lies in your choice of highlighter. “Look for highlighters or luminisers that have really highly reflective particles,” he tells us. “That’s what blurs the skin and softens fine lines.” Try the new COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter.

Steer clear of anything too flat or overly matte on the face. “You want to create dimension, and having that subtle shine on the skin is always more flattering – and more Insta-worthy – than looking artificial,” Soliz warns.

2/ Know your good shine from bad shine

If your skin leans more towards the oily side, take note: Soliz still wants you to embrace a hint of shine. “Anyone with oily skin knows where shine looks bad – the T-zone, the corners of the nose, the forehead, the chin,” says Soliz. “So focus the shin on the perimeter of the face to give you that subtle glow.”

marc jacobs foundation covergirl vitalist highlighter
L-R: Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation; COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter; Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer.

3/ Foundation innovations

Marc Jacobs Beauty global makeup artist Michael Ashton swears by the brand’s new Shameless Foundation for photo-friendly skin. “It’s a flashback-free formulation so you won’t end up with a lighter face and darker body in photos,” he promises. That’s thanks to its encapsulated sunscreen particles, which won’t look white like other SPF foundations can.


4/ Don’t cover up completely

“Less is more when it comes to creating a good base,” Michael stresses. “You want the skin to still look like skin.” He recommends prepping with a velvety-textured primer or facial oil, then lightly buffing in foundation with a brush for a light wash of colour and “spot concealing where you need to.” We like the Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer.

The result? A natural-looking complexion. “When people put too much product on, you lose the natural contours of the face which are actually really beautiful,” says Michael. “The more foundation you put on, the more you have to contour and add other makeup to re-create the shape of your face.”

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