How to find the right nude nail polish for your skin tone

There is a way.

We’ve all picked out what looked like the perfect colour, only to emerge post-manicure with nails that clash undesirably with our skin tone.

But it’s going to take a lot more than that to dissuade us from trying – nude nails – be they rose petal pink, milky beige or cool grey – are elegant in that chic, understated way, plus they go with everything and work for all nail shapes.

So how to choose the perfect shade? Expert nail artist Miss Pop shared her failsafe tips for finding the right nude nail colour with marie claire US: “A lot of people hold the bottle to their wrists to evaluate the colour, but hold the bottle as close to your nail bed as possible,” she says. “That’s where people often get pink or have redness, which will effect how the colour looks.”

Nude nails

Think beyond pale pink, which can often look quite bridal, when selecting the hue for you. “Broaden your horizons of what you would normally consider a nude, because sometimes the best nude is a neutral,” Miss Pop says. “That could mean everything from pale pinks and lilacs or peaches, or a light chocolate-y brown.”

Based on Miss Pop’s instructions, we’ve selected three winning shades for all skin tones below.

Fair skin: choose rosy pinks with warm or cool undertones. Opt for a slightly more saturated shade than you would normally associate with a nude to contrast with your porcelain skin.

Medium skin: Warm taupes, shell pinks and soft mauves look beautiful with skin that’s neither overly fair or olive.

Olive skin: You can pull off beige, grey and of-the-moment greige lacquers with ease, but for something different, try a muted terracotta.

Dark skin: The complete colour spectrum is yours for the taking – the palest pinks look lovely against dark skin, as do warmer-toned nudes and neutrals.

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