How To Fix Wonky Winged Eyeliner In Two Seconds’ Flat

A genius expert tip

Step away from the cotton buds: there’s an easier and far more effective way to fix your not-so-perfect liquid liner job before you dash out the door. And you don’t even need to bother with make-up remover.

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This little piece of beauty wisdom comes straight from the mouth of Bobbi Brown lead make-up artist Alfie Sadsad. Rather than mess around with micellar water, which will take the surrounding make-up off, and cotton buds, which can leave stray bits of white fluff and smudge your handiwork altogether, Alfie swears by an entirely different approach.

He takes a flat make-up brush, dabs it in eye cream, then presses the bristles together to form a thin surface. Then he simple goes over the wayward liner with a simple flick and voila! It’s gone, while leaving the foundation or eyeshadow beneath miraculously untouched.

dakota johnson eyeliner
Dakota Johnson (Credit: Getty)

Added bonus: the sensitive eye area is cleaned up with a hydrating, soothing product; a blessing if make-up removers tend to irritate your skin.

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