How to get beautifully straight teeth minus the big expense

Always wanted to improve your smile, but hesitated due to the costs involved? This could be the answer.

We’re blaming it on the ‘Zoom effect’. You know, staring down the barrel of our laptop camera, with colleagues seeing our ‘close-up’ – and pearly whites – even closer than normal. In fact, studies show there has been a steady increase in oral care over the past 12 months, as Australians become more aware of their teeth during close-up video conferencing.

Research by oral care leader and telehealth pioneer, SmileDirectClub, shows around 40 per cent of Australians believe they’d get a confidence boost from straightening their teeth and improving their smile. A further four in ten Australians think  straightening their teeth would inspire them to make other changes in their life, like working out more, asking somebody out on a date or applying for a promotion.  

An answer to smile about

SmileDirectClub has helped tens of thousands of Aussies find a smile they love. Through their clear aligners they  improve smiles without breaking budgets and can save customers up to 60 per cent ^ savings on traditional braces.

SmileDirectClub straightens most smiles in an average of 4-6 months, but the exact length of your plan is up to the Australian registered dentist or orthodontist overseeing your case.

“We’re on a mission to increase access to affordable, premium oral care and help more people realise the life-changing potential of their smile,” says Jason Coglan, VP of SmileDirectClub ANZ.

“Around 62 per cent of Australians are considering orthodontic treatment, but 8 per cent are avoiding dental care due to cost. SmileDirectClub exists to help bridge that gap.”

Comparing the costs

SmileDirectClub offers two distinct options. With SinglePay, customers make a single payment of $2825. Or they can choose SmilePay, which includes two sets of retainers, customers make an initial deposit of $299 with monthly payments of $119 for 24 months ($3155 total). 

Your aligners also includes bright on premium teeth whitening that gives results in just one week.

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How SmileDirectClub works 

SmileDirectClub makes a 3D image of your teeth that lets their dental team see what’s going on and design your treatment plan. There are two easy ways to make this image: Customers can either visit a SmileShop for a FREE 3D scan or order a dentist-directed at home impression kit.  In addition to SmileDirectClub aligners you wear 22 hours per day, they also offer Nighttime Aligners you wear for 10 continuous hours only at night, while you sleep. This choice of two types of aligners provides you with the flexibility and convenience to suit your needs.

There are currently SmileShops in most capital cities around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne. Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

SmileDirectClub aligners are shipped to you at one time in one big, blurple box. No more waiting for monthly shipments or office visits. You’ll have the tools you need to get the smile you’ll love.

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A more convenient way to align teeth 

“We work with a network of Australian registered dentists and orthodontists nationwide who must have at least four years of experience with traditional clear aligner therapy,” Coglan adds.

Customers are assigned an Australian registered dentist or orthodontist who, reviews and approves their treatment plans. SmartSculpt technology allows SmileDirectClub’s networks of affiliated dentist and orthodontist to carefully plan the coordinated movements of every tooth, for a more precise, treatment plan that safely and efficiently delivers a smile you’ll love. They also custom-design each aligner, using ComfortSense technology, to give you the best fit and feel during treatment.

“Our teledentistry platform allows our network of Australian registered dentists to assess eligibility, prescribe clear aligner therapy, and monitor care from beginning to end for safe and effective treatment,” says Jason Coglan. “There is no need for inconvenient, multiple in-person visits.”     

Customers  have 24/7 access to SmileDirectClub’s professional customer care and dental care teams if needed via chat, email, phone, social media and video.

Visit SmileDirectClub to book your appointment or order your impression kit today.  

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