The One Tool Responsible For All Blake’s Amazing Hairstyles

You’re this close to looking like Blake
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So, Blake Lively has great hair. It’s golden, it’s lustrous, it’s the thing TV commercial dreams are made of. It’s also super versatile, which is why the Internet has minor heart palpitations every time she steps out with a new look.

But, here’s the thing we just discovered via her hairstylist Rod Ortega: All of this hair greatness can be achieved with just one tool: The T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand (you can find it on Amazon). It looks like this:

image via instagram

The reason it can create so many looks is of course that the barrels are convertible, and it comes with – you guessed it – three barrels. Let’s break it down for you real quick:

There’s a tapered barrel (1.25-.75 inch) which will give you a range of curls from a natural messy wave when you wrap around the thicker end of the wand, to the tighter ‘80s curl (the one Blake’s brought back recently) that you get when wrapping tightly around the thinner end.

Then, there’s the 1.5 inch barrel, which is great for the loose, textured wave, voluminous curls, or a gentle glam bend. The thicker the barrel, the looser the curl, so this works for a more unstructured look.

And finally, the 1 inch straight (as in, not tapered) barrel is your good curling all-rounder. The medium size allows you to do everything from retro-Hollywood waves, by curling same-sized sections in the same direction and brushing out, to the more messy wave-curl that was seen on all the catwalks this season, by curling random sections in different directions.

Three barrels, one tool, all the hairstyles. You’re welcome.

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