How To Get Intimate With Yourself

With life heading back to the hectic norm for many, one Australian brand is encouraging women to take a moment for themselves.

The world is returning to its pre-pandemic ways so fast that many of us are feeling the headspin. School is back (no complaints there), staff are returning to offices, and all the events we missed are jamming up our calendars in such a frenzy you’d be forgiven for wishing for a few days of lockdown as respite from the mayhem.

And for women there is still the day-to-day juggle that never went away: from children to work, relationships and running a household, it’s a heavy load. This is a sentiment Kimberley Conboy, skin expert and national education coordintor at Australian cosmetics brand endota, knows too well, so we asked her for advice on how to regroup.

1. Make Time

“As women, we are so busy running around looking after everyone else we often forget about ourselves,” Conboy says. While we often think of exercise and a healthy diet as making up the bulk of our wellness wheelhouse – and fret about them when we’re not doing enough – it is our sexual and intimate health that is often more neglected when we’re stressed.

endota’s Feminine Hygiene Range (Credit: Supplied)

2. Know Your Body

“At endota, we believe sexual and intimate health is an integral part of wellness,” says Conboy. As such, the brand has developed three products for intimate health. The newest is a moisturising gel that tackles vaginal dryness. “This is such a common condition,” says Conboy. “It impacts between 50 and 80 per cent of menopausal women. It is also common in those who are pregnant or breastfeeding but can be experienced by women of any age.”

Also part of the line is a breast oil and a wash that cleanses without irritation. The breast oil has two purposes: to smooth and nourish the delicate tissue, and to encourage regular breast examinations. “Approximately 57 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day,” says Conboy. “Knowing your own body and being able to identify any significant changes can ultimately lead to favourable outcomes and prevention.”

Endota Breast Oil, $35 at

endota Breast Oil, $35, from THE ICONIC

3. Go Organic

Chemical-free products make sense for more sensitive areas. “Keep in mind that what goes on your skin and delicate areas is just as important as what goes into your body,” says Conboy. “The use of organic ingredients is particularly important for areas like the mouth, eyes and vagina, as the mucous membranes lack a protective layer of skin known as the stratum corneum.”

Endota’s 100 per cent organic products can be used without fear of any toxins getting into the bloodstream. And Conboy says the natural hydrocolloids in the endota Intimate Moisturising Gel also gently hold onto the dry walls of the vagina and release moisture to provide comfort.

4. Prioritise You

“Make your health a habit, rather than considering it a rare luxury or treat,” says Conboy. “Prioritise your personal wellbeing, because what you think, say and do will directly affect the life you are living.” Knowing your body really is an investment in a happier future – not only for you but for those around you.

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