An Expert’s Guide To Getting Runway-Ready Hair From Home

Your best-ever hair, no salon required.

After two years of disrupted party seasons, this year’s celebrations are set to be bigger than ever.

With the silly season fast approaching, we’re already picking out our most glamorous outfits, trying out bold and daring new beauty looks, and perhaps most importantly, styling our hair to look the best it ever has.

While a trip to the hairdresser pre-party is always a treat, there is a way to get that “straight from the salon” look at home, inspired by the latest runway-ready styles, whether you prefer scintillatingly sleek styles or luxurious, chic curls.

We enlisted the help of ghd Australia’s Senior Educator, Chris Halteh, for his tips on how to go grand and go luxe with your hair this party season…sans salon.

From Runway To Real Life

Inspired by the catwalks of London, Paris and Milan, Chris says the hottest trends of the moment are all about “sleek, smooth and shiny finishes”.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with the sleek buns and ponytails that are flooding runways at the moment,” he tells marie claire Australia.

“Because of these trends, you can go longer without washing your hair, as your natural oils are you best friend!”

party ready hair Vanessa Hudgens
Sleek, smooth styles are the go-to party look of the moment, says ghd Australia’s Senior Educator, Chris Halteh. (Credit: @thetonyabrewer)

Chris’s tip? Revive day-old hair with a heated styling brush and smoothing serum. Then, “sleek and tuck your hair into a low bun or ponytail”.

“No one will ever know you’re due for a hair wash—instead they’ll think you’ve hopped off the jet straight from Paris and Milan!”

The Tools Of The Trade

According to Chris, the secret to creating party-ready, salon-perfect hair from home lies in having professional-level tools on hand.

“You should always have an uber-powerful, salon quality, professional hair dryer, like the ghd Helios,” he says.

“Having an amazing hairdryer will drastically cut down your styling time, and ensure you get that high-powered, high-shine, healthy, frizz-free finish.”

Another must-have? The ghd Glide Smoothing Brush.

“You can achieve that salon-quality blow-dry finish by simply brushing through your hair quick and easily,” Chris says.

“The ghd Platinum+ Styler is definitely a must-have…whether you’re a hair-lover, or new to self-care, the Platinum+ allows you to achieve both gorgeous sleek locks, or tumbling, beachy and polished waves.”

All three tools—and others—are available as part of ghd’s Grand-Luxe Collection. Inspired by the opulence of the 1920s, the limited edition collection features ghd’s best-selling tools dripping in champagne gold, and accompanied by dramatic red velvet cases and accessories.

(Think of them as the perfect way to spoil a friend with a good hair day—or just treat yourself—this festive season.)

ghd Grand-Luxe collection
Celebrate good hair days like never before with the ghd Grand-Luxe collection, featuring best-selling tools in opulent champagne gold. (Credit: ghd)

Party Fouls

As the saying goes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail, and when it comes to party-ready hair, it’s no different.

“Often the biggest mistakes revolve around not prepping the hair correctly,” says Chris.

Always start with a heat-protectant spray to guard hair from heat and damage and keep it looking soft, shiny and camera-ready all day (or night) long.

“Then, style the hair in horizontal sections, starting from the back to power through the hair,” Chris says.

It’s also important to use the right kind of styling tool for your hair type. Coloured, dry or damaged hair should opt for tools with protective technology (like ghd’s Platinum+ styler with UltraZone Predictive technology that recognises hair thickness and styling speed), while thicker, curlier hair will benefit from tools with larger plates to help speed through tresses.

“Once you’ve finished styling, always allow the hair to cool down for 10-15 minutes before brushing the hair into place. By doing this, you ensure that the hairstyle will hold for longer.”

And before you dress up, Chris says it’s important to “dress out” your hair, depending on the look you’re going for.

“Utilise an appropriate comb or brush to give you that gorgeous finish,” Chris says.

“My top tip would be to use a wide-tooth carbon detangling comb if you’d like more of a textured finish, and a paddle brush if you want more of a polished finish.”

Then, it’s a quick spritz of hairspray to hold everything in place for hours, and a touch of shine spray for a glossy, healthy finish that would cause heads to turn for all the right reasons on any international runway.

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