Science Says This Is The Secret To Maintaining Shiny Hair

Your daily routine could be doing the damage

Scientists have discovered the true secret to maintaining shiny hair. No, it’s not some miracle serum or whacky DIY with coconut and honey (sounds delicious though), it is in fact something far more quotidian.

It’s your hair dryer.

Researchers at Dyson – well-known for being really good at moving air around – tested 1625km of natural hair tresses over four years with the help of 103 engineers and discovered exactly what our hair dryers are doing to our hair and why they can sometimes be to blame for lacklustre locks.

What they found was that the extreme temperatures involved with blow-drying your hair with some conventional hair dryers on the regular can cause each strand to develop pores inside. When light strikes the hair strand, these pores cause light to scatter instead of reflect. This is also how matte nail polish works – the finely textured surface prevents light from reflecting, unlike a gloss which appears shiny because it’s so good at reflecting light.

Unlike matte nail polish, however, dull and frizzy hair is hardly a fashion statement. But, at the risk of sounding precious, living without a hair dryer is hardly an option either. 

Without a doubt it’s the easiest and fastest way to dry and style hair, and many of us have cuts that basically require daily heat-styling – so how do we do that without exposing our strands to damaging temperatures?

Recognising that the hair dryer – which has barely changed since the 1960s – is in desperate need of a makeover, Dyson set about engineering the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.

Packed with Air Multiplier and temperature control technology, the hair dryer is precision engineered to dry hair quickly while protecting it from extreme heat damage to protect its natural shine.

A built-in microprocessor monitors the air temperature 20 times a second to keep it below 150 C – the temperature above which our hair can be in danger. With a small but powerful digital motor and Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer pumps out a staggering amount of negatively charged air every second, enabling fast drying at hair-friendly temperatures.

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer’s motor is placed in the handle, not the head, creating a more balanced machine that some say is easier to wield than its decidedly retro counterparts. With magnetic styling attachments, no fan blades to clean, and cool to the touch – you’ll have no issues ditching your clumsy hot hair dryer for this smart and stylish shine-machine.

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