How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Natural

Sustainable beauty 101

With conversation about Climate Change and the future of the planet continuing to generate buzz (and rightly so), sustainable beauty has become a bathroom cabinet mainstay.

Thanks to a new wave of innovative beauty brands, it’s never been easier to achieve a clean-conscious beauty regimen. From all-natural ingredients to plastic-free products, here are five ways to make your beauty routine more natural.

1. Use Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

Australian beauty brand Kester Black creates products that champion sustainability and social justice. With Cruelty Free, B Corporation, Halal, Vegan, and Carbon Neutral certification, the brand’s high-shine, chip-free nail polishes have amassed a cult following among beauty buyers seeking eco-friendly alternatives. Each polish comes infused with certified organic ingredients such as avocado oil and kefir, promising nails added nourishment and strength. The brand also commits to creating ’10-Free’ formulas, ensuring each formula is free from 10 of the most harmful chemicals often found in nail polishes such as formaldehyde, toluene and camphor (i.e. the bad stuff).

Kester Black Quartz Nail Polish, $26


2. Embrace Natural Haircare Treatments

Navigating natural haircare can be challenging thanks to complicated product messaging. One brand that promises results, while also caring for the environment is Australian natural skincare and haircare authority, Sukin. With a belief that everything we need to nourish our bodies can be sourced from nature, Sukin develops products that are free from silicones, sulphates and parabens, and that contains natural ingredients. The brand also use recyclable packaging and offsets all carbon emissions that it produces. Haircare that doesn’t cost the earth or your savings account? Sukin ticks all the boxes. 

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Sukin’s new Natural Balance Scalp Scrub removes product build up and impurities with a refreshing blend of peppermint and ginger extract. Bamboo powder gently exfoliates the scalp, helping to energise the scalp, whilst horsetail, burdock and nettle help to maintain the balance of the scalp. Sukin’s haircare range achieves great results for all hair types, with natural haircare products for those with sensitive scalps and coloured hair too. 

Sukin Natural Balance Scalp Scrub, $21.95


3. Switch Your Toothbrush To Bamboo

According to research, plastic toothbrushes are a growing concern for the environment, with the total number of plastic toothbrushes being produced, used, and thrown away each year growing steadily since the first one was made in the 1930s. Unlike the plastic your regular toothbrush is made from, bamboo is a readily available, fully degradable and natural material. Bamboo toothbrushes will quietly rot away in the compost while plastic toothbrushes will stick around in landfill. Do your bit for the environment and make the easy switch. Bonus: they also look great on your bathroom vanity.

Bamkiki Kai + Roxo Toothbrushes, $14.90


4. Invest In A Safety Razor

Just like plastic toothbrushes, plastic razors play a huge role in earth’s plastic problem. Rather than buy a new bunch of plastic razors every month, invest in a stainless steel-bladed safety razor. Often used by professional barbers, safety razors tend to give a longer-lasting shave with fewer ingrown hairs. While a little more expensive than a plastic razor (prices range from the $20 mark to $200+ for the more stylised razors), a safety razor will cost less in the long-term. At around $3 for a pack of five, stainless steel blades can be replaced and recycled, making them a win for your wallet and the environment. 

Green + Kind Reusable Safety Razor, $39.95


5. Use Biodegradable Hair Accessories

Ever spared a thought for where all your lost hair ties end up? Bad for both your hair and the planet, plastic hair ties, headbands and scrunchies wreak havoc with the environment, taking years to breakdown. Rather than contribute to earth’s landfill problem, treat your tresses to a kinder alternative: biodegradable hair accessories. Completely compostable, these options won’t snag your hair or cost the environment.

KOOSHOO Hair Ties, $19.95 at Nourished Life


Brought to you by Sukin.

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