How To Get Just-Walked-Out-Of-The-Salon Blonde Hair

It’s easier than you think

Being a bottle blonde is tough at the best of times. While the feeling you get walking out of the hairdresser with freshly coloured hair is second to none, it doesn’t come cheap, so we’re always up for ways to extend our time between visits. Throw into the mix the whole self-isolation regulations and the recommendation to not leave the house unless absolutely necessary and now the need for prolonging that just-walked-out-of-the-salon blonde shade is more important than ever.

One of the biggest problems blondes face is dreaded brassiness. No matter how amazing your hairdresser is, blonde coloured hair has a predisposition for turning a warm, yellow shade that is most definitely not what you signed up for.

The reason your hair goes brassy is because all hair has some underlying warmth in it, and when you lighten your natural hair it can make those yellow, orange or red undertones more evident. Unless you look after it properly.

Sienna Miller blonde hair

Purple shampoo is a non-negotiable in any blonde’s haircare routine. And in times like these when finances are tight and our hairdressers are not around to save the day, you need one that has your back.

John Frieda’s Violet Crush range well and truly ticks the box when it comes to an affordable price (each product costs just $17.99 and can be found at leading supermarkets and pharmacies). And it doesn’t disappoint on the brassy-nixing front either.

In fact, the hero product in the range, the Violet Crush Intense Purple Shampoo, is so effective it knocks out brassy tones in just one wash. So even if your last colour appointment was a few weeks ago, the rich, intensive formula can effortlessly get your blonde back to looking freshly coloured.

Chiara Ferragni

The way it works is the crushed violet and blue pigments in the formula help counteract yellow and orange tones so your blonde colour looks just as cool and bright as the day you left the salon.  

Fun fact: As yellow and purple are on either ends of the colour wheel, the purple pigment is able to cancel out brassy yellow tones, while blue pigments take care of those orangey tones that brunettes experience.

Also in the John Frieda Violet Crush range is an everyday Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner. Once you banish existing brassiness with the Intense Shampoo, this power couple works to maintain your cool colour. If you see any brassiness start to creep back (things like excessive sun exposure, hard water and pollution can cause brassiness), use the Intense Purple Shampoo again to reset.

All three of the Violet Crush formulas are peroxide-free and ammonia-free (which is good news for the health of your hair) and can be used on natural, colour treated, platinum blonde and lightened brunette hair.

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