How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Year Around

Your seasonal skincare guide

Ask any expert and they’ll tell you: it’s vital to change your skincare routine in keeping with the seasons. Just as you replace cotton clothing with cashmere in winter, so too should your lightweight summer skincare be swapped with more protective layers in winter, and vice versa.

Below, we’ve outlined just how you should adapt your beauty kit to keep dryness at bay all year long – stay tuned for hydrated, healthy skin no matter what the season.


“During summer, lightweight creams might be your go-to but, during the cooler months, it’s a good idea to boost your hydration levels and protect skin with moisturisers that have added nourishing oils in them,” guides marie claire acting beauty director Sally Hunwick. “Or keep it simple by applying a natural skin oil, which act as a barrier on the skin to keep the complexion nourished.”

Boost hydration levels with the Thursday Plantation Macadamia Dry Skin Range, which includes a Daily Face Oil, Daily Body Oil, Face Cleansing Oil and Lip Balm to ensure nourished, soft skin from top to toe. 100 per cent naturally derived, macadamia oil is easily absorbed by the skin and actually works to slow water loss and support the skin’s natural protective barrier – exactly what you want in winter. 

Skin can become more sensitised this season, so it’s also important to read the ingredients list of your products carefully. “Steer clear of petrochemicals such as mineral oil, Benzene and paraffin wax,” cautions Hunwick. “These man-made ingredients are sometimes added to moisturisers to help hydrate the skin, but can actually be drying and sensitising on some skin types.” To makes sure you don’t have any of these unwanted ingredients, opt for hydrating natural ingredients instead.  

thursday plantation macadamia hydrating oil
Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra Hydrating Daily Body Oil.


Keeping your skin hydrated in summer is just as important as it is in winter, especially when it’s exposed to sun, salt and surf. But if you’d rather skip your morning moisturiser on steamy summer days, try adding a few drops of natural facial oil to your makeup instead, in order to keep skin hydrated without overloading it. At night, press a facial oil straight onto the face with the palms of your hands to prevent dryness while you sleep.

Get goddess-like skin in summer by slathering on body oils (we like macadamia for intense hydration), focusing on the shoulders, which are most exposed to the sun, as well as the arms and legs.

A detoxifying clay or charcoal mask is also essential to maintain skin clarity this season; alternate with a hydrating sheet mask weekly for optimal skin texture.

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