This Cult Beauty Brand Just Released Its Newest Game-Changing Product

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There’s no denying it: This year saw a huge moment for ingestible beauty. However, it’s even clearer that 2020 is bound to be bigger, better and tech-ier than ever. Ahead of that massive surge in the new year though, is Vida Glow. The leading beauty brand revolutionised the ingestible beauty market after launching its best-selling Marine Collagen range. Now their breaking new ground, introducing Anti-G-Ox – an ingestible powder specifically formulated to fight the signs of premature ageing.

But first, what really is ingestible beauty? Ingestible collagen supplements, such as the kind you can pour into coffee or any beverage of your choice, began surfacing just a few years ago, with wellness brands and influencers chalking the powders up as a new miracle treatment for skin, hair, and joint health. As of right now, there are two main types on the market: marine collagen, generally from fish, and animal collagen, which can come from cows and pigs, for example. The collagen is found in the bone and tissues of these animals. Most of the supplemental collagen is formulated in powder form, while some others come liquified to drink. Pills and gummies are popular, too.

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Recommended for those in their late twenties and over, Anti-G-Ox is set to become the next essential in an everyday beauty routine by offering an advanced formula specifically designed to target three ageing accelerators: oxidative stress, inflammation and glycation– all triggered by modern environmental conditions.

We know that conditions such as pollution, poor diet, sleep, stress, alcohol and other environmental factors accelerate ageing. Anti-G-Ox specifically targets these accelerators by treating and strengthening the root conditions at the cellular level with a defence system of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antiglycants – all designed to support collagen health and combat premature ageing.

Boasting internal and external benefits, Anti-G-Ox’s natural blend of Vitamin C, Biotin, Chromium, Curcumin, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Niacinamide, Kakadu Plum and ZINC, are a combination of key age-defying vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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