An Anti-Ageing Moisturiser With Instant And Long-Term Benefits

This is skincare with benefits in three dimensions

Many women celebrating a mid-life birthday will tell you there’s much to look forward to in the next phase of life. Improved self-awareness, enduring friendships and an established career, to name just a few. However, this stage of life also brings the hormonal changes that come with menopause, and for some women this results in weakened skin that loses firmness and radiance.

It hardly seems fair – and the skincare experts at Clarins agree, which is why they’ve launched a new product designed specifically to address the needs of mature skin. The new Clarins Rose Radiance Super Restorative Cream is a multi-tasking wonder that combines an instant radiance-boosting complex with highly effective botanical ingredients that visibly rejuvenate skin.


Rose Radiance Cream is the next generation in anti-ageing, bringing a natural rosy radiance and improved texture to mature skin across three dimensions:

  1. Smooths skin texture

Famed for its beauty, but so much more than just a pretty face, the hibiscus sabdariffa flower brings a powerful botanical element to Rose Radiance. Its flower acids gently dissolve dead skin cells to boost radiance, encourage cell turnover and tighten skin without dehydration or irritation.

  1. Restores a luminous glow

When it comes to skincare with benefits, this one’s huge. After more than 140 trials, Clarins Laboratories selected four different shades of pearls and combined them to create the perfect illuminator for all skin tones. So as soon as you smooth the cream on, you’ll instantly see improved radiance from your skin.

  1. Evens skin tone

The subtle rosy tint adds an extra dimension of glow, while the vitamin C derivative helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and, over time, helps to create a perfectly even complexion. The additional botanical extract of organic harungana has powerful regenerating benefits, helping to promote collagen synthesis for firmer skin. 

Discover new Clarins Rose Radiance Super Restorative Cream. Available at, Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

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