How To Get The Smoothest Skin Of Your Life

Just in time for summer

Every year it’s the same: you’re happily rotating your ripped jeans and midi-skirts until bam! A 30-degree heatwave strikes. And just like that, you’re compelled to show skin that hasn’t seen the light of day since last April to the entire world, with precious little prep time.

Get ahead of the coming summer with the below beach-ready beauty tips you can DIY any time – with no waiting for available appointments at your local beautician required.

1/ Effortlessly remove unwanted hair

What used to require what seemed like an eternity of appointments (spaced precisely six weeks apart, always somewhere supremely inconvenient) can now be easily and quickly achieved in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Take SmoothSkin Bare, the latest at-home IPL hair removal device, which works on both face and body in a (literal) flash.

Safe and simple to use, the handheld device flashes 100 times per minute so you can treat your whole body (we’re talking both lower and upper legs, bikini line and underarms) in just 10 minutes flat. Read: less time than it takes to do your nails.

Unlike other at-home IPL hair removal devices, it has unlimited flashes (no running out when you’re only one leg in) and the effects are long-term: in clinical trials, the SmoothSkin Bare delivered up to 92 per cent hair reduction after just four weeks, used once per week.

Significantly, the SmoothSkin Bare checks your skin tone before each single flash and will only activate the IPL if safe to do so. Shop it exclusively at Shaver Shop.

cyden smoothskin bare ipl
SmoothSkin Bare at-home IPL device (Credit: Shaver Shop)

2/ Exfoliate

Sloughing off dead skin cells is pivotal to achieving a natural summer glow. If you’ve been less-than-diligent throughout the winter months, consider booking in for a full body exfoliation treatment, but otherwise, keep up with weekly in-shower exfoliation and consider upping the ante of your body wash by choosing a formula with lactic acid, which gently dissolves dead skin cells without the need for harsh scrubbing. Follow Miranda Kerr’s lead by dry body brushing before you shower to boost circulation and exfoliation.  

3/ Moisturise

The new skin nourishers have moved beyond conventional creams to ultra-luxe body oils packed with hydrating and glow-giving ingredients. Your skin soaks up natural oils more readily than a lotion – apply all over after you shower to really benefit from the instant gleam they give. Try blends that include jojoba, argan, olive, coconut or for a luxury touch, Tahitian Monoi oil.


4/ Glow

You’re all across highlighting and strobing on your cheekbones, but the same rules apply below the chin too: sweep illuminator across your collarbone and down the centre of arms and legs to elongate and accentuate your (hopefully faux) tan.


Always read the instructions and use only as directed. Not suitable on red, light blonde, white/grey hair or very dark skin.

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