QUIZ: Is Your Skincare Approach Helping You Achieve Beautiful Skin (Or Sabotaging It)?  

Sometimes good intentions go awry… 

Most of us spend a pretty penny on our skincare in a bid to look our best and retain a healthy complexion for as long as is genetically possible. But what many don’t realise is that simple slips can undo all that effort, sometimes causing irreparable damage in as little as 15 minutes* (talking to you, UV damage).  

Take the quiz to see if your skincare routine is helping you achieve beautiful skin, or undoing all your time, money and effort…  

1. When it comes to your daily skincare routine, you: 

a) Sometimes wash your make-up off, but more often wake up with panda eyes and clogged pores.  

b) Have the basics covered – a day and night moisturiser, cleanser. But could take a little more care with regular exfoliation and skin-targeted products.  

c) Are vigilant about good skincare. You have a customised regimen specific to your skin’s needs and wouldn’t dream of using harsh exfoliants, products you’re not informed about, sleeping in your makeup or including SPF in your daily routine. Or leaving the house without a broad-brim hat.  

2. You wear sunscreen on your face and body:  

a) Hardly ever.   

b) In summer, when it’s sunny or you’re outdoors.    

c) All year round (whenever the UV is 3 or above).   

3. You’re outdoors at the beach, hiking, picnicking…what are you wearing?  

a) Sunnies and a bikini, short dress or shorts and tee.   

b) A wide-brim hat and light airy fabrics.  

c) A wide-brim hat, sunnies, SPF 30+ sunscreen reapplied every two hours, and light-layers that cover you up. And you’re in the shade at every opportunity.    

4. Your diet largely consists of… 

a) Processed meats and foods, soft drinks and fast food.  

b) A balance of healthy peppered with a few chocolates, wine and the occasional fast food.  

c) Fruit, veg, nuts, grains, legumes, dairy (or a non-dairy substitute) and plenty of water. 

5. When it comes to your weekly health and lifestyle, you: 

a) Struggle to get enough sleep and exercise.  

b) Exercise a few times, occasionally catch up with friends and aim for at least five decent nights’ sleep.   

c) Exercise daily, ensure you get fresh air, quality sleep and fill your social cup often. 


Mostly As:

You live life large and in the moment. If a Sephora sale pops up on your screen, you’re there faster than you can say ‘new bronzer and lip plumper – express postage’. While the thrill of living life in the moment is part of your charm, it can lead to unhealthy choices and outcomes – for your bank balance and your skin.  

To achieve healthy skin, try adopting a more holistic approach: sleep is crucial for collagen production, cellular repair, regeneration and reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Ditto for water: hydrating skin, improving elasticity, eliminating toxins (like that drive-thru meal followed by a few red wines before bed) and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aim for two litres daily.  

One of the simplest switches you can make is to protect your skin every day – add a SPF into your daily routine! UV damage can be caused in as little as 15 minutes. These unhealthy beauty standards are leading us to sun damaged skin and undoing all our hard work. Is a suntan worth degrading your skin’s elastin, or causing leathery skin, sunspots and mole growth? UV damage actually makes you look older that you actually are, quicker. When you’re out,  protect your skin – cover up your face and body by wearing a hat, sunnies, long sleeves and seek shade. 

  1. Apply SPF 30 or higher broad-spectrum sunscreen daily on your face and body. There’s so many available that not only protect your skin against UV damage, but moisturise the skin and work beautifully with make-up. 
  2. Wear a broad-brimmed hat. Look to Lilly Collin’s, Bridgett Bardot and Lady Gaga for inspo’.  
  3. Wear UPF50+ sunglasses. Smart and stylish.  
  4. Wear sun protective clothing. Think kaftans, loose bohemian elbow-length dresses or tops, and baby doll dresses. 
  5. Seek shade. Be cool. Be safe. 
Simple Ways To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage 

Mostly Bs:

You care a lot about your skin. You invest time and money on effective products, but there’s always room to improve. Many of us don’t realise that we undermine our daily routine every time we get a suntan. Even 15 minutes in the sun can start to damage your skin permanently*. UV exposure damages the fibres in the skin (elastin). When these fibres break down, the skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place (accelerated and irreversible skin damage).  

Elevate your regimen by adding sun protection to your daily routine. SPF is easy to apply before makeup, but also easy to forget. It requires constant vigilance to protect your skin and multiple forms of sun protection, including a wide brim hat, covered skin and re-application of sunscreen throughout the day when outdoors.  

Ditto for your diet, exercise and sleep routine. It can be easy to slip and undo all your glowing skin results. For example, a few wines nightly at the expense of exercise can cause disturbed sleep, impacting your skin’s regeneration and repair, oxygen (required for healthy blood circulation) and hydration.   

A balanced lifestyle approach that includes a proper skincare routine, a healthy diet, and protection from environmental factors, including sun exposure, is essential for optimal skin health. And with healthy skin, comes confidence. Feel beautiful in your skin!  

Mostly Cs:

Glow you! You’ve nailed your skincare regimen from the inside, out. A healthy lifestyle, diet, regular exercise and a routine that includes skin-type and concern products customised to your needs.  

You’re all style and think long term. Aware of social pressures and outdated beliefs that sun-tanning looks healthy, you understand that UV damage is increasing skin cancer rates and damages skin. You get regular skin cancer checks, wear SPF50+ SPF daily, and when outdoors, always cover up – a wide brim hat, bucket hat, fedora or other full coverage hat, sunnies, long sleeves and SPF are your style norms. Encourage your friends to do the same.  

You look after your skin, stay well hydrated, have a nourishing skincare regimen and are unapologetic about your healthy skin habits.  

*Cancer Council.  

Brought to you by Cancer Council and the Australian Government.

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