This Is Jackie Kennedy’s Exact Skincare Routine From 1963

Glow like Jackie O

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, formerly and fondly known as Jackie O, is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion and beauty icons from the ’60s. 

As the most stylish First Lady to hit the White House (perhaps ever), her tailored suit sets, pillbox hats and graceful gloves quickly became the fashion staples women all over the world tried to emulate.

But it wasn’t just her wardrobe that was well sought after. The wife of John F. Kennedy will also forever be known for her brunette bouffant, immaculate makeup looks and sunkissed skin.

jackie kennedy

To care for said complexion, Jackie O sought the help of dermatologist Erno Laszlo, the same skin expert to have advised Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

And lucky for us, Dr. Laszlo took notes. 

In a document now found in New York City’s Makeup Museum and dated May 1, 1963; details of Jackie’s prescribed skincare routine, including diet and exercise recommendations, can be read straight from the historic piece of paper.

No detail is spared, as Dr. Laszlo instructs Kennedy to apply the same toner to her armpits as her face, and notes her reservations about walking for exercise as it “bores her in the first place, she can’t in Washington, and is afraid of getting varicose veins”.

The pair even discuss President Kennedy, with his wife expressing her concern over his dry and pimple-prone back from taking “4 baths a day”. 

Some of the advice would just not fly in 2020, with Dr. Laszlo telling Jackie she need not stay out of the sun holiday, or worry about a hat, “sun is good for her, and she should not be afraid of brown spots, he will make them fade in the fall.”

jackie john kennedy

But he does also stress the importance of “never applying more oil or creams on the face” than what he advises, otherwise the ‘bumps’ will reappear, “and blackheads and pimples will reappear”. Many with easily congested skin can attest to this wisdom, as a less is more approach is often best. 

However, our favourite titbit of information comes from the diet section. As Dr. Laszlo recommends a fish-heavy diet (omega 3s for the win), he also writes “Drink champagne, that is about the only thing she drinks.”

To which we say, cheers to you Jackie O.

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