Jennifer Hawkins swears by this one beauty treatment

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What if we told you we knew the secret to Jennifer Hawkins’ perennially glowing skin?

Yes, a big part of J-Hawks’ glow is thanks to some savvy fake tan tricks (we’d expect nothing less from the founder of Jbronze) and she obviously struck gold in the genetic lottery, but the Aussie model has one major radiance-booster up her sleeve – and chances are, you haven’t tried it before.

Below, Jennifer divulges her complete beauty regimen – start taking notes now.

What’s your number one tip fake tan tip?

“Jbronze plus hydrated skin equals the perfect tan. Exfoliating is a must, but my biggest tip would be to apply a small amount of moisturiser to your elbows and knuckles after applying your tan.”

What’s the biggest beauty lesson you’ve learned?

“Sleep is the key to everything! Even beauty.”

What’s your favourite beauty indulgence or treatment?

“LED light treatments! They are amazing for your skin, and your get to meditation at the same time! The perfect treatment.”

What’s your go-to summer date night outfit?

“A backless maxi dress with bronzed skin and a beach wave in my hair.”

What do you love most about summer?

“Oceans swims, fun spontaneous nights with friends, tequila with my man, nana naps, extra dark Jbronze bronzed skin, vitamin D overload and laughter!”

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