Jennifer Lopez Has Debuted A New Pixie Cut And Looks, Impossibly, Even More Glam

JLo looking fantastic? What a shock

Good morning to Jennifer Lopez proving once again that she’s absurdly photogenic. The singer and veteran performer has debuted yet another scroll-stopping beauty look, this time in the form of a stunning pixie cut for her appearance on the cover of Allure.

The look is a bold departure from the usual voluminous, glam hairstyles JLo favours. Other recent memorable beauty moments include her slicked-back ponytail from the presidential inauguration. The new pixie cut comes by way of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who called the look a “90s inspired wet look crop” on his Instagram Story. And no, the Kardashian-favoured hair artist didn’t deign to reveal if this was a wig or not.

Jennifer Lopez pixie cut Allure 2021

The pieceyness and texture of JLo’s pixie cut could feasibly be her real hair, and it’d certainly be a great way to show off her naturally curly hair texture in a very fresh, modern way. One thing that didn’t waver for the cover was Lopez’s glowing, high-glam makeup.

Makeup artist Mary Philips—responsible for many a JLo beauty moment—kept most of the focus on her super sheeny skin. The pixie cut definitely allows those cheekbones to shine, but we also enjoyed the metallic drama of the rose-gold eye paired with a sparkly, glossy lip. Could this be foreshadowing a foray into makeup from JLo’s eponymous skincare venture JLo Beauty?

Colour us intrigued, if only for the names that we might see. For those who missed it, the JLo Beauty line, currently an edit of seven skincare products, are all named after phrases and touchstones that relate to the pop megastar’s cultural legacy. See a serum called, “That JLo Glow”, a cleanser called, “That Hit Single”, and who could forget, “That Fresh Take”, perhaps the most amusing name for an eye cream currently on the market.

If you’re going to start a dramatically named celebrity skincare line, surely don’t pass up the opportunity to call your lipgloss, “That Mouth To Mouth.” Just a gentle suggestion.

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