Jessica Alba Shares Her Beauty Wisdom With Busy Philipps

It’s true - you really do learn something new every day

Today we learnt how Jessica Alba removes her eye makeup without the pulling and tugging and the dreadful panda eyes.

Busy Philipps took to her Instagram account to get some beauty advice – how to take off eye makeup when you have sensitive eyes?

We have all woken up the next morning with a little too much black around our eyes and let’s be honest, it’s not a great look.

Many of her followers took to the comments to give her some beauty tips- think coconut oil, jojoba oil, micellar water. In the midst of all that, we found Jessica Alba’s interesting but brilliant advice:

“Clean makeup products and makeup removers. When I’m flared up, I just use calendula ointment or Honest All Purpose Balm and our shampoo.”

Calendula ointment is organic and known for its antiseptic properties. It is derived from calendula flowers, usually blended with some type of oil and beeswax for a concoction that soothes and nourishes the skin.

As for The Honest Company, it’s owned by Alba (kudos for the casual Instagram spruik) and is free from any nasties that can irritate the skin. The All Purpose Balm is one of their best-selling products – Alba even recommends dabbing it on the cheekbones for a natural highlight (hello glow!).

We don’t mind taking beauty advice from Jessica Alba any day of the week.

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