Jonathan Van Ness Reveals His Self-Care Advice For All

"I always feel my best when I am relaxing at home with my cats"

The television personality, hairdresser and grooming expert has taken the world by storm with his vision of self-expression. We talk to the Biossance ambassador about what beauty means to him. 

I GUESS BEAUTY IS ALWAYS EVOLVING and always about trying to stay present and find a feeling of inner beauty and joy out of any situation.

THERE ARE SO MANY KINDS OF WOMEN IN THE WORLD, far be it for me to decide how and when they should feel their most beautiful. I always feel my best when I am relaxing at home with my cats, when I’ve learnt a new skill on the ice, doing gymnastics, or when I’m helping others feel good about their look when I’m behind the chair.

ONE WOMAN WHO INSPIRES ME IS [United States Senator from Massachusetts] Elizabeth Warren!

I’M ACTUALLY PRETTY LOW MAINTENANCE when it comes to my hair, which is part of why it’s long. My texture is so curly that when it’s shorter it needs to be styled, but when it’s longer it can look really cute without a lot of effort.

REALLY THE ONLY THING I DO WITH MY FACIAL HAIR is apply Biossance 100% Squalane Oil and I use a comb to brush it in. When I have a moustache I use Layrite wax to lock it in.

WHEN IT COMES TO MY SKINCARE Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream is part of my routine every morning and every night. If I could only have five grooming products in my kit, they would be a brow gel, BB cream, concealer, floss and eye cream.

FOR FRAGRANCE, I like a lot of scents by Byredo.

AND ON MY NAILS I always work with my friend Mei [Kawajiri]. She is a nail artist first and foremost. Right now I have peacock feathers and my cats’ names on my nails.

WHEN I WANT TO UNWIND I take a bath with a face mask or, if I have time, I get a facial or massage.

BEFORE I WALK OUT THE DOOR, I check the mirror!

This article originally appeared in the May issue of marie claire. 

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