Prepare For Noughties Nostalgia Because Juicy Tubes Are Back

Get ready to get your sheen on

If you were a tween, teen or even adult during the noughties, you were undoubtedly well acquainted with a few beauty classics. From the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse to the Rimmel liquid liners in shades of turquoise and purple.

Ah yes, the days before YouTube vlogs and endless beauty tutorials we were left to our own devices, leaving us with some…interesting looks, to say the least. 

But none of those classics were arguably as iconic as the Lancôme Juicy Tubes. Whether you were headed to school and stuffed your mums into your blazer pocket or headed to a friends disco-themed birthday party, the staple was a part of every makeup combo. Without question. 

However, they were (very sadly) discontinued in many countries as people started ditching the wet look for more matte lips.

But in the news that we all need right now, Lancôme has announced that they will be relaunching the epic glosses so that you can relive your teenage years with a super shimmery pout, because nostalgia.

Die-hard fans of the Juicy Tube will be able to give themselves the ultimate shiny lips once again as the brand relaunches them to celebrate 20 years since their initial release.

You’ll be able to choose from 20 different options, a welcome upgrade from the original eight shades. There’ll be three finishes – sparkle, cream and jelly, with the signature scents taking you straight back to the 00s. 

The Juicy Tubes will be available from Sephora internationally and on the Lancôme site exclusively.

Now, we’re ready to pucker up. 

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