Karolína Kurková Reveals The One Beauty Product She Can’t Live Without

"Oh, it's amazing!"

You know when Karolína Kurková has walked into a room. Every part of the Czech bombshell oozes supermodel, from her long, bronzed legs to her dazzling smile, it’s no wonder she made Angel status in Victoria’s Secret.

But Kurková, who is in Australia for David Jones Spring Summer 2018 launch, is as down-to-earth as they come, literally making us stroke her cheek as she passionately reveals her skincare routine, the product she can’t live without and her favourite Australian labels.


How do you prep for a big runway show – such as David Jones or Victoria’s Secret?

For me, it doesn’t change. How I am is pretty much 365 days, I don’t change my routine because I take care of myself all the time. I like to eat healthy but at the same time, I treat myself because in order to be good, you’ve gotta be bad. You know, I love food. I want to enjoy it, I want to try things but I’m not going to overeat and I’m not going to have treats all day, every day.

What does your usual exercise routine look like?

I like to change it up. For me, it’s really Zumba or Barre, Pilates, yoga, circuit training, spinning. It really depends where I am, how I’m feeling, how much time I have and how much energy I have. Like, do I feel like I want to do a lot of cardio, something hard? Or something more relaxing or loose, like dancing? I think it’s nice to change it up. 

You have amazing skin. What’s your go-to foundation? 

I try not to use too much foundation, to be honest. For me, it’s really about having beautiful skin so I really take care of my skin. Preventing, prepping, cleansing really nicely, exfoliating, doing nice little masks, whether it’s like a sheet mask or clay mask to purify and detox. I love Biologique Recherche, I use a lot of their products, especially the B50 lotion. Oh, it’s amazing!

Would that be your one go-to product? 

I mean, it’s hard, there’s a few that I like in my basic skincare routine but the B50 lotion is really good because it’s purifying and exfoliating but it’s very gentle. Biologique Recherche, in general, the skincare is incredible. It’s all made in France, it’s been around for a very long time. It’s all made out of a lot of natural things but they’re very active, they really create some sort of activation in your skin that has some sort of a purpose and really make a difference. They’re not just like nice because they’re natural and then it doesn’t really do anything. And their lotion makes your skin really smooth and not dry, which is really great for when I travel. 

As far as fashion goes, what are some of your favourite Australian designers?

I have so many! Zimmerman, Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee, Kitx and for swim, Jets and Camilla. I was wearing a lot of Australian designers before coming here, so I’m very familiar with them, I know their styles and they’re awesome.

What look are you most excited to wear on the runway?

I like all of them because they’re just so different. One is a beautiful, chic, bathing suit one-piece, then I’m in a fun fringe Kitx dress, then I’m in more evening, very body-hugging Rebecca Valance. So it’s kind of nice, it’s just different and I like that.  

karolina kurkova

If you could take one thing home with you, what would it be?

One thing – that’s very tough. Bianca Spender, the white suit that I was wearing yesterday. It’s this beautiful silk blouse with a white pant and it’s just so classy yet modern and chic and it’s something you can wear forever and have forever. One more thing! A pair of R.M Williams boots. They’re comfortable, they’re classy and they’re timeless. They will wear out really well. I feel like I’ve met something that’s really Australian with so much heritage and I love that. I love heritage brands so I feel like that’s a nice staple to have.

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