Kate Middleton’s Makeup Artist Reveals How To Get Flawless Skin

And it's super simple

The Duchess of Cambridge has the entire world’s attention every single time she steps foot out of the house (read: palace), so of course, it’s important that her skin looks camera ready at all times. 

While Kate Middleton hasn’t said much about her beauty routine over the years, the makeup artist trusted to prepare the Duchess for the biggest day of her life – her wedding to Prince William – has revealed a couple of secrets.

Speaking to The Cut, Arabella Preston, Kate’s makeup artist and a former beauty editor, says that the key to achieving perfect skin is using a facecloth. 

Yep, that bacteria-filled cloth you avoid in favour of your just-washed-and-sparkly-clean hands, is to thank for the Duchess’ pimple-free face. 

“More gentle than any moisturised cleanser brush, the right flannel will allow you to cleanly wipe makeup and dirt from your skin and gently exfoliate.”

“Surrounding your face with a steaming hot towel adds a cosy, therapeutic element to the routine and leaves you with skin that’s naked but not stripped.”

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