You Might Already Own Kate Middleton’s Skincare Secret

This will dramatically elevate your beauty regimen

It’s not often we get the inside scoop on Kate Middleton’s everyday skin care routine. The products responsible for Duchess of Cambridge’s timeless beauty are almost as elusive as Meghan Markle’s blowdry secrets.

Therefore, when a beauty product recieves the Middleton tick-of–approval it almost guarantees the aforementioned item will instantly sell out. As the Huffington Post reported, a bottle of Trilogy’s Rosehip oil, Middleton’s favourite beauty oil, sells every 20 seconds.

Kate’s make-up artist Arabella Preston, raves about the benefits of natural facial oils. “If you ask a pro makeup artist how they prep skin, they say a facial oil nine times out of 10,” she revealed to W magazineAdding that less is more with these highly enriched formulas, “apply an oil first and massage it into your skin. Allow a minute for it to absorb then use a cream if you ned the extra hydration and then apply your foundation.”

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $25.95

And now we are sure one very old-school beauty tool will fly off the shelves, as it’s been revealed that the 36-year-old washes her face every single day and night with a terrycloth washcloth. (Yes – just like the kind you Nan used.)

Preston, recently explained to told The Cut why everyone should take a cue from the future Queen’s cleansing ritual.

As Preston rightly points out, a washcloth is more gentle than any motorized cleanser brush. What’s more? The right flannel will allow you to cleanly wipe makeup and dirt from your skin and gently exfoliate.

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