Kate Wears A Leopard Print Headband, Internet Freaks Out

We have one teeny tiny piece of advice for next time

Once again, Kate’s hair is a topic of debate.

At an air show in Gloucestershire on Friday, the Duchess slipped on a plastic, tortoise-shell band to hold back her hair (royals, they’re just like us!). 

Cue: internet meltdown. Some say the headband is out of date. Others says it’s a huge fashion faux pas.

But we disagree. And in fact headbands (or Alice bands as they’re known in the UK) were all over the autumn/winter runways: 

Whether it was chains and pins at Alexander McQueen,  jewelled headbands at Dolce & Gabbana, or flowers at Rodarte, there are two factors that keep hair accessories grown-up: 

1. Texture: as in, the hair has some. 

2. Placement: is haphazard (like, before rushing out the door the model stuck granny’s brooch in her hair). 

If you’re keen to try a headband (and want to avoid looking like a long-lost cast member from a ’90s daytime soap opera), don’t place the headband on your head and then push it forward again (which results in a little bump between the hairline and the band.) Simple.

After more inspiration? See these celebrities: 

Diane Kruger’s ornate pin makes a nice contrast with her casually pulled back hair; Emma Stone slipped a silver slide into her choppy lob at the Golden Globes; and then there’s the eternally chic Brigitte Bardot, whose wispy hairline is tres chic. 

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