Katherine Heigl Has Dyed Her Signature Blonde Hair Dark Brown

She looks completely different

Celebrity hair transformations are a dime a dozen – just look at the Kardashians who go from short bobs to long mermaid hair almost hourly. But some celebrities never deviate from their signature style and Katherine Heigl is most definitely one of them.

Since she burst onto the scene in Grey’s Anatomy over 14 years ago, the actress has been blonde, but for her new role in Netflix’s upcoming series Firefly Lane, she had a total makeover and was almost completely unrecognisable on Instagram this morning with dark brunette hair. 

Here’s the Katherine we’re used to seeing:

And this is her brunette:

The 40-year-old uploaded a few progress pics to Instagram before sharing her final look, noting that the process would take a while (it took three hours) so she stocked up on champagne and books.


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