The Most Powerful Moments From Kérastase’s ‘Power Talks’ Event

As told by ambassadors Chantelle Otten and Rebecca Harding.

It sounds like the adventure of a lifetime: a trip to Paris for a “meeting of the minds” with more than 170 guests from around the world, designed to explore the connection between self-expression and self-confidence.

It’s the reality that Kérastase ambassadors Chantelle Otten and Rebecca Harding recently experienced, having attended the brand’s game-changing post-pandemic ‘Power Talks’ last month.

From immersive rooms showcasing Kérastase’s iconic innovations, a celebration of the daring and caring with a rooftop party and powerful conversations with some of the world’s most inspiring and influential women, marie claire Australia caught up with the duo to talk about their experience.

An Event To Remember

A new era of events, Kérastase’s ‘Power Talks’ were designed to encourage women to be more confident and inspire them with the power to dare. An exclusive Parisian gathering, the brand shared its commitments to the community by engaging in conversations on what matters—from caring for hair to caring for women.

Content creators, influencers (think Thai popstar Achiraya “Ally” Nitibhon, model and activist Ebonee Davis and Aliana King), Kérastase professional hairstyles, media partners and global ambassador Emily Ratajkowski were all in attendance, with Chantelle counting the diversity of the guests and their experiences as one of her favourite parts of the event.

Emily Ratajkowski Kérastase Power Talks event
Kérastase global ambassador Emily Ratajkowski at the ‘Power Talks’ event in Paris. (Credit: Supplied)

“Everyone has difficulties with expressions of confidence, learnings, experiences…. I loved seeing the different ambassadors from all over the world that attended the event, and I felt so lucky to be a part of the diverse group of people all working hard to achieve wonderful things,” she says.

A Meeting Of The Minds

For both Chantelle and Rebecca, hearing from the author and founder of global consultancy F*ck Being Humble Stefanie Sword-Wiliams was a particularly memorable moment.

“After listening to Stefanie speak about celebrating your ‘proud moments’ and her advice on creating a folder in your phone titled just that, I’ve been celebrating my wins, big and small,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca Harding Chantelle Otten Kérastase Power Talks event
Ambassadors Rebecca Harding and Chantelle Otten attend Kérastase’s ‘Power Talks’ event in Paris. (Credit: Supplied)

For Chantelle, conversations around the “emotionally intelligent” way of not being humble was one of her biggest takeaways.

“For those of us who have worked very hard in a male-dominated society, [we have been] told we are taking up too much space, we are too loud, too much etc.,” she says.

“I am now reading F*ck Being Humble and gaining a lot of wisdom!”

Now We’re Talking

Strong in the belief that “sharing is caring”, Kérastase announced its new Power Talks initiative, a commitment to supporting female mentor programs that aim to bridge the confidence gap in young women.

“The Power Talks initiative is an amazing way that a global luxury brand is continuing to break glass ceilings,” says Rebecca.

“Their commitment to supporting female mentoring programs in 2023 is very powerful and extremely inspiring.”

Chantelle Otten Kérastase Power Talks event
Kérastase announced its global Power Talks initiative at the event, with Chantelle calling it one of the most impactful moments of the trip. (Credit: Supplied)

With mentoring a cause close to her heart, Chantelle shares the announcement was one of the most impactful moments of her trip.

“I would not be where I am without my own mentor, who took me on board as a young sexologist after being rejected by like 15 people,” she says.

“I am also a mentor to a lot of people who come through my clinic to help them throughout their journeys, so for me, to have this huge brand like Kérastase commit to helping young people achieve and reach their goals is amazing.”

An Immersion In the Iconic

As part of the event, the brand’s iconic innovation from the perspective of science and confidence was showcased in four immersive rooms.

Chantelle and Rebecca explored the ranges from an artistic point of view, experiencing the blend between science and luxury that makes Kérastase’s products so effective and beloved.

Chantelle Otten Rebecca Harding Kérastase Power Talks Event
Chantelle and Rebecca enjoy one of four immersive rooms dedicated to the brand’s journey. (Credit: Supplied)

“The brand is built around focusing on care first,” says Chantelle.

“You can see the deep-seeded brand value to care for hair with the ingredients focusing on particular needs, hygiene and hair types.

“They have really taken haircare to the next level so that we can feel confident in our hair…and express [ourselves] no matter what and be confident to do that. Healthy hair is always going to be one of those things that makes us feel confident in our style and self-expression.”

A ‘Bucket List’ Experience

For both Chantelle and Rebecca, the trip is one they will remember for years to come, with both walking away feeling more confident and inspired than ever.

“I have not stopped raving about the trip to everyone!” says Chantelle.

“I don’t often feel like I fit in, and with this Kérastase group, I really felt a part of something very special.”

“Travelling with a team of Australian women who are all experts in their field and connecting with others from around the globe was really special,” adds Rebecca.

“Being in a room filled with strong, powerful women…and connecting on the common thread of female empowerment was incredible.

“It’s left such a lasting impression on me, and one that I’m now carrying with me daily.”

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