Kim Kardashian Causes A Stir With Controversial Hair-Do On Red Carpet

Oops she's done it again...

Despite previously being called-out for sporting Fulani braids, also known as cornrows, earlier this year, Kim Kardashian has stepped out in the look once again.

Hitting the red carpet at the MTV movie awards, Kim, wearing a white Versace crop top and metallic skirt, walked the red carpet alongside mum-ager Kris Jenner. However this time it wasn’t her fashion choices sparking controversy, it was her choice of hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Some fans were quick to call her out for cultural appropriation and suggested the look was chosen to sport controversy, in order to gain publicity for Kanye West’s new album release.

Earlier this year critics were also quick to slam Kardashian when she posted a series of photos on Instagram, after she dubbed the look ‘BO WEST’ in a reference to Bo Derek and the classic 1979 film 10. Critics pointed out that the the reality star’s post showed a lack of knowledge and respect of the look that has been worn by African American women for generations.

“You and your sisters make it a habit to appropriate and accessorize blackness while simultaneously working overtime to erase the very black women you spend a fortune trying to emulate,” wrote Monique Judge at The Grapevine. 

Kim seemingly responded to the backlash with a post on Instagram which she captioned, “HI can I get zero fucks, please, thanks”.

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