Exclusive: Kim Kardashian’s Coveted Fragrances Have Finally Landed In Australia

marie claire talks exclusively to the beauty entrepreneur about her debut

We have waited patiently for Kim Kardashian to bring her fragrance label, KKW FRAGRANCE by Kim Kardashian West, to Australia and the day has finally arrived.

The range of fragrances is available at all Myer stores exclusively today and it marks the first time a retailer outside the USA has stocked the fragrances. 

marie claire had an Australian exclusive interview with the style icon and beauty entrepreneur, where she shared all her favourites from the range and why she chose Australia as her next market to concur.

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MC: Congratulations on your fragrances coming to Australia! We’re all so excited that KKW fragrance is launching into Myer stores exclusively. How does it feel to be in this market where you have so many avid followers?

KKW: I’m so excited. I love Australia, so it just makes me really happy that all of the fans love the fragrance. It’s also such a difference when someone can actually smell the fragrance, see all the bottles and [experience] what we really have. That makes me really happy. I hope that I can just get a chance to come down there and check it out when it’s in store.

MC:  We would love to have you here. Have you been to Australia before?

KKW: I have. I’ve been there numerous times, like maybe five, six times.

MC: What was the original inspiration behind the KKW fragrance line? 

KKW: We started with our Crystal Gardenia and our Crystal Gardenia Oud. Gardenia is one of my favourite scents so I wanted to make a signature fragrance. I wanted to make a bottle look like the crystal; it represented what was going on in my life and [crystal] just felt really empowering to me. It honestly looks so beautiful laying on your counter and I’m so happy with how it came out. 

KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia
KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia Oud

MC: Do each of your fragrances reflect you in some way? 

KKW: They absolutely are different parts of me. I don’t come out with a fragrance every month; there’s no timeline for me. I really only do it when it feels right and when I’ve got the full concept behind it all. 

MC: And how do you like to wear your fragrance? 

KKW: I would say Crystal Gardenia is my like every day fragrance. And then when I feel like being feeling sexy or going out, [I’ll put on] one of the Body fragrances. Those are a little bit richer and a little bit more night-time to me. And then all of the Kimoji hearts are really fun and a little bit lighter and have more of a fruity scent. They seem a bit more playful to me.

KKW Fragrance Body EDP
KKW Fragrance Hearts BFF EDT

MC: When do you think a woman feels and looks her most beautiful?

KKW: Some people it can be when they’re all glammed up and they’re feeling really good about themselves. They’re wearing an amazing outfit and about to go out with their friends. And some people, I think it’s first thing in the morning just when they wake up. I mean that’s what I like the most; when I’m with my kids and I just woke up in the morning and I’m having breakfast with my husband and my kids and we’re eating outside. That’s when I feel the best.

KKW FRAGRANCE by Kim Kardashian West is available exclusively at all Myer stores and at

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