You Won’t Believe How Much Kim Kardashian Makes Every Minute From Her Perfume Sales

This is what's wrong with the world

We hope you’re sitting down for this one… Kim Kardashian released a new perfume this week, and the reported sales are so astronomical, we’re going to save the exact figure for a new paragraph.

According to TMZ‘s resident accountants, Kim’s three new Kimoji-inspired scents made $US5 million in the first five minutes of sale.

That’s close to $7-million Australian. In a matter of seconds. Let’s put it this way: it’s more than a cool $1-mill per minute.

Not bad, especially when you consider Kim’s managed this without having to fork out for traditional advertising. Instead, she promotes her perfumes purely through (frankly disturbing) Instagrams like the one pictured above.

Say what you will about the Kardashian fam, they know how to make cold hard cash.

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