The Laid Back Girl’s Guide To Morning Beauty

No fuss

While some women can’t get enough of endless beauty products and love spending time on their hair and make-up each day, some of us want to get out the door without all the fuss – but still want to look our best.

Your beauty icons are the likes of Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and basically anyone French who look like they literally woke up like that  – and with a few simple hacks, some game-changing products and a little planning – you can too.

  1. Streamline your base with BB or CC cream 

Instead of opting for serum, primer, sunscreen and foundation you can get all those in one by using a BB or CC cream which not only provides coverage as well as SPF but also hydrates and protects the skin behind the scenes. They also tend to be lighter coverage than foundations and so give that natural, barely-there look that you’re going for.

  1. Hate styling your hair? No worries

Get the natural look by leaving your hair slightly damp and spritzing with a sea salt spray, or pop it in a loose braid before bed and when you wake up you’ll have instant beach waves. Dry shampoo is your MVP for lazy hair days when you can’t be bothered washing it.

  1. Don’t skimp on shower time

Not only is a shower essential for you know, cleansing, but the water can also help wake you up and get the blood flowing which will give you a good natural glow – bonus points (and bonus glow) for a making it a cold one!

A body wash like NIVEA Shower Clay Fresh in Ginger & Basil will make sure you’re leaving your skin feeling purified and soft to touch with very little effort during your morning shower. The delicious scent is just a bonus.

  1. Make like the French

Make sure you’ve got a good daily skin care regime and cleanse and moisturize your face before applying any products – short for time? Make like the French and get on board with micellar water which not only helps cleanse your face but also removes make-up. 

  1. Beauty comes from the inside out

Don’t want to spend time caking on the make-up and prefer the natural look? Then the number one rule is to make sure you’re looking after your skin – and that starts with a good base. Look after your skin by eating well and drinking plenty of good old H2O. Get in the habit of having a glass of warm water with lemon each morning and you’ll notice that extra glow in no time.



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