The 2-Step Beauty Regimen That’s Shaking Up The Skincare World

Fase Base is finally here

Cult-status Australian beauty brand Lanolips is redefining the skincare game. Best known for their 101 ointments, Lanolips just launched their first ever foray into skincare with a  range of products formulated for your face. Meet Face Base. The hydration first approach to ethical beauty built on just two key steps cleansing and moisturising. Lanolips‘ Face Base is the least complicated skincare regimen you’ll ever find. Think of it as the jeans and white tee for your face.

Lanolips new line-up includes three products in total – a daily cleanser and moisturiser plus an ultra nourishing mask. Here’s a quick rundown on each one, explaining how they work and what they are designed to do for your skin.

Face Base Gelcream Cleanser 

This hybrid is designed to be a bit like a gel, a little like a cream and boasts a balanced sulfate-free formula that’s smarter than most. It won’t strip your skin of its essential natural oils and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.


Lanolips Face Base GelCream Cleanser ($24; at

Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream 

Formulated to deeply replenish and restore moisture for a velvety-soft finish and all-day hydration. Perfect to be worn under make-up, it glides on creamy then has a unique grippy feel thanks to their famous lanolin that is combined with vitamin E and soothing oatmeal.

Day Cream

Lanolips Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream 60ml ($26; at

Face Base The Aussie Flyer 

It’s a well-documented fact that us Island-dwellers have a PhD in jetlag since we have to cross oceans on the reg. Cue this leave on mask which reboots dull, dry skin and brings back moisture, glow and radiance.


Lanolips Face Base The Aussie Flyer Leave-on Recovery ($26; at

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