Lush Is Launching A Waste Free Collection Of Face Oils And Cleansing Balms

The internet's favourite beauty brand is changing the game

Once pigeonholed as a category for the supremely sensitive or devoutly ethical, eco-friendly beauty and skin care is having its moment in the limelight. Now, more than ever before, brands are ditching redundant packaging, eschewing toxic chemicals and synthetics and supporting sustainably-sourced, plant-derived ingredients. The front-runners in this category are without a doubt Lush Cosmetics. 

Beyond sparkling bath bombs and soothing lotions that are good enough to eat, Lush offers a bevy of beauty products that are cruelty-free, vegan and breaking barriers in the industry. Case in point: Lush’s new naked collection. Once sold exclusively in Lush Naked boutiques in Milan and Berlin – the revolutionary cleansing balms and face oils are launching in Australia on May 2nd. 

Going naked is not new to Lush. Anyone who has ever walked past a Lush Cosmetics store can attest to the fact that you can smell it before you see it. That’s because their cult-status bath bombs and soaps are already package free. But, in a time when plastic pollution is a growing problem, it makes even more sense to push the boundaries a little further.

Naked Facial Oils 

($19.95 each at;

Lush is adding four naked facial oils to their line-up; Amazon Primer infused with calming and anti-redness ingredients, Banana Skin Facial Oil loaded with banana and mango butter for thirsty skin and Argan Face Oil which is high in pear oil and vitamin e to soothe the most sensitive skin types. Light Touch Facial Oil rounds out the group and balances oily complexions with skin-loving Jojoba. 

Amazon primer
Amazon Primer, $19.95

Key Ingredients: Murumuru butter, Arrowroot powder, Andiroba oil Alcoholic tincture of Electric Daisies.

Argan Facial Oil, $19.95

Key Ingredients: Argan oil, Prickly Pear oil, Rose absolute and Organic rose hip oil.

Banana Skin Facial Oil, $19.95

Key Ingredients: Fresh banana, Mango butter, Banana peel tincture and Sandalwood oil. 

Light Touch
Light Touch, $19.95

Key Ingredients: Chamomile Blue oil, Kokum butter, Irish Moss infusion and Witch Hazel extract. 

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Naked Cleansing Balms 

Get squeaky clean skin without those hard drying chemicals with this range of six cleansing balms. Catering to the full gamut of skin concerns – from lavender and oat-infused sleepy cleanser for self-care Sundays to Gritty Politti Cleanser for when you need to get down to the nitty-gritty and unclog your pores.  

($9.95 each at;

Cleaning Balm
7 to 3 Cleansing Balm, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Fresh dove orchid infusion, Ylang ylang oil and Carrageenan extract.

Gritty Politti Cleanser, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Kokum butter, Ground coconut shell, Sandalwood oil, Rosewood oil

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Jade Roller
Jade Roller Cleansing Balm, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Organic mung beans, Clary sage oil, Geranium oil and Hazelnut oil.

Like A vergin
Like A Virgin Cold Cream, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, Sicilian lemon oil, Organic jojoba oil and Mimosa wax.

Tea Totaller Cleanser, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Tea tree oil, Sage oil, Rosemary oil and Witch hazel extract.

Sleepy Face
Sleepy Face Cleanser, $9.95

Key Ingredients: Oat Milk, Lavender oil, Almond oil and Lavender absolute.

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