These Luxury Bathing Products Will Level Up Your Self-Care Game

Maxo relaxo.

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing we look forward to more than a lengthy bath or shower. It’s that sacred time of day when you can put on some music, maybe light a candle, and of course, moisturise thoroughly afterwards. 

If you’re someone who takes your soaking routine seriously, you’ll be intrigued to know that a new study has revealed that essentially all major Australian states prefer baths over showers. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin are all major bath people, but some of them actually feel so strongly about their position, that they’re actively engaging in a war campaign against showers. 

Brisbane recorded the highest amount of negative tweets about showers, proving that the war between the two really is alive and well. 

In our opinion, there’s really no right or wrong way when it comes to bathing. And, for many of us who are battling against the rising cost of living, a bath might be out of the question (unless it’s the inflatable kind). If you’re among the many who fear that a bath may not be in their future for quite some time, it’s best to focus on adding a touch of luxury to our shower routines instead. 


For levelling up your showers, think of incorporating more hydrating body products, along with an exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week. Things like dry brushing might be in your wheelhouse, or they might not – it’s just about finding little rituals that work for you. Baths are slightly easier as it’s a hands-free activity, so you can take in a glass of wine or a book to really get the unwinding going. Lathering yourself in a hydrating moisturizer is an unmissable step for both, which can be heightened by adding in a moisturising body wash, too. 

Setting the right mood or ambience applies to both, and it all comes down to two key things – lighting and scent. Whether it’s a nighttime ritual or you’re in need of some grounding, investing in a light with a warm glow (or the flicker of a candle) will help to de-stress you. Let’s be honest, nothing is less soothing than harsh bathroom lighting, so it’s time to turn that off. As for scents, you can either light a candle in your favourite smell, opt for a room spray before jumping in or choose a body wash that has a relaxing, lasting scent.

Luxury bathing products to add to your self-care rotation


Unwind Balm and In-Shower Moisturiser, $16 from epzen


Cherry On Top Foaming Body Wash, $20 from Sundae Body


Trick Or Treat Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle, $59.95 from Glasshouse


Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $72 from MECCA


Sugar Sugar Body Oil, $28.95 from Skinned Store


Refresh and Renew Everyday Wash, $38 from Bangn Body 


Mosey Me Abstract Bath Mat, $75 from THE ICONIC


Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub, $20 from MECCA


Very Nourishing Body Bar, $9 from Go To Skincare


Hommey Bathrobe in Sky, $129 from THE ICONIC


Triple Moisturising Body Wash, $12.99 from Dove

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