Why You Should Really Consider Adding Magnesium To Your Routine

It's for everything from skincare to sleep

Fact: one in four Australians aren’t meeting their daily dietary intake requirements for magnesium. It’s a scary stat, especially when you consider just how essential this unassuming mineral is, for everything from nixing muscle soreness to a good night’s sleep.

“There are some estimates that between 60-80 per cent of the population are actually deficient,” says Cassie Sanghvi, pharmacist and co-founder of Australian magnesium-based natural skincare range The Base Collective

Below, Cassie schools us on the benefits of magnesium (including, ahem, what exactly it even is…), the best ways to use it and why it’s amazing for mums-to-be.

1/ What exactly is magnesium?

Magnesium is one of our essential minerals and has been linked to over 300 enzymatic reactions (think chemical reactions) in our body, varying from muscle and nerve function, to blood glucose control, to the regulation of blood pressure.

2/ What are the benefits?

We have people who have experienced great relief from headaches, generalised aches and pain, restless legs and improved sleep using our Magnesium Oil. The benefits of Magnesium to the overall health of the skin are impressive, with it traditionally being used to aide moisture levels, brighten and help fade skin tone and improve texture. 

3/ What are the best ways to use it?

Our skincare products are designed to be used every day in order to gain the most benefit. You can spray 2-3 sprays of our Magnesium Oil onto your stomach morning and night, or use it for targeted relief in which case you spray it directly onto the area that is affected – for example if you have a headache coming on, spray it onto the nape of your neck and rub a little onto your temples; if you have a leg cramp, spray it directly onto the cramp and most people get relief in a couple of minutes.

4/ Is magnesium suitable for use during pregnancy?

Magnesium is essential for pregnant woman, and their daily requirements are actually higher than that of a normal adult as they are using more to help grow their baby. All of our products are suitable and safe to use in pregnancy. We have a lot of pregnant women who have experienced great relief from leg cramps and restless legs using our Magnesium Oil.

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