All The A+ Tips You Need To Know For Wearing Makeup With Your Mask

Smudge city? Not on our watch

We miss makeup. There, we said it.

Yes, the breathable bare skin days of self-isolation have been bliss. Yes, we’ve enjoyed sneaking sheet masks in between Zoom meetings. Yes, our skincare purchases have increased ten-fold.

But that self-gratifying moment of a fresh foundation or striking lip colour has us craving to get back in the game. Suddenly, every excuse to leave the house is turning into an opportunity to look and feel good as hell again.

However, the ‘going out glow-up’ we once knew has changed. With face masks now mandatory in public places in Melbourne (and experts recommending them for other hot spots too), our face has a new accessory that needs to be taken into account. 

Your makeup (and skin for that matter) need not suffer, though. You just might need to make some minor adjustments…

Opt for lightweight powder over liquid foundation

The main hindering factors your mask will present you with is friction and moisture. This means the liquid foundation you’ve come to know as ‘fresh dewy skin in a bottle’, is going to end up a slippery, sweaty mess by the time you’re off the bus. Instead, opt for a lightweight powder with a satin or matte finish for more breathable coverage that won’t melt as easy when faced with moisture. They tend to be more buildable without caking too, making touch-ups at the other end easier.

bareminerals foundation
(Credit: bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation, $51 at

Layer hydration on the lips

For the lips, an opposite tact should be taken. In an IGTV on the topic, dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting, said “lips [as well as skin] are also really getting challenged. With the nose being pinched, [this] tends to encourage mouth breathing and can cause the lips to dry out.” She suggests avoiding ingredients such as fragrance or menthol in your lip products, and instead cites lanolin as a hero for long-lasting hydration. Lucky tinted balms and luscious lip oils are in right now.

(Credit: Lanolips Tinted Balm SPF 30, $14.95 at

Focus on the eyes

If you usually rely on a bold red lip to amp up your look, the loss of lips on display is a hard hit. But think of it as a unique opportunity to try out all those eye looks you’re usually too time-poor (read: lazy) to try. One that’s certainly become a favourite of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell, is simply swapping traditional black liner for a flick of neon green, orange or blue. No upskilling required.

fenty flyliner
(Credit: Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner, $33 at

Take it off and replenish

If forgetting to take your makeup off used to be a skin sin, it’s downright blasphemy when donning a mask on the daily. Make sure you’re thoroughly removing all traces before bed, and follow with some barrier-strengthening skincare that will help calm and repair the aforementioned friction you’ll likely experience. Your mask, now freshly coated in shades of beige, will also need a wash before you wear again.

avene recovery cream
(Credit: Avéne Skin Recovery Cream, $38.95 at

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