How To: Margot Robbie’s Natural Look Blonde Hair And Dark Brows

Six tips straight from Margot's colourist

What was once a beauty faux pas, blonde hair and dark brows has now reached ‘it girl’ status with the likes of Margot Robbie rocking the light-hair-dark-brow look. 

And even though the Australian actress could pull off any look, and she really has, the dramatic combo must be done right to look right. 

Marie Claire US got all the hot tips from Margot’s own colourist, Natt Rez, on how to nail the look. Oh and, do not try this at home. Take these tips to your hairdresser. 

1. Ensure your brow colour is as close to your root colour as possible. “Matching it will give you a nicer, more graceful grow out before your next salon visit.”

2. Go for the right blonde according to skin tone. If you have more cool undertones (pink, red, or blue), go for a neutral blonde. “If you go too gold, then it will bring out the pink tones,” Matt says.

If you have warm undertones (yellow, peach, gold), you can go more gold. “If you’ve got olive skin, stay cooler on the ends,” he explains. “If it’s too warm it’ll clash.”

3. Look to your eyes! If you have dark eyes, you should concentrate the lighter hues on the lower half of your hair. With blue eyes, it’s a little more easier to go light all over.

“The reason blue-eyed woman can typically go lighter at the root area is because naturally, their base color is going to be lighter,” Matt says.

“For brunettes, I think it looks best when they’re super-light on the mids-to-ends.”

4. Create dimension to make it look more natural. “If you’re lifting your natural base color, I wouldn’t go any lighter than two levels,” he says. “For highlights, it shouldn’t be any higher than three to five levels.”

5. Avoid brassiness with Rez’s solution. “Make sure your colorist lifts you to the lightest yellow before you’re toned,” he says.

“If you’re not there, they’re toning you to cancel unwanted orange tones that will eventually fade out. Orange is a strong tone because it has red to it so it does come back up.”

6. Keep your hair healthy. But how? Daily masking and Olaplex. “Both in-salon and at-home, it works miracles,” he says of Olaplez. “Hair can go next level with it. You can push the blonde envelope.”

Go forth and go blonde!

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