Margot Robbie’s Hair Stylist Used Beer To Give Her Volume

Giving a whole new meaning to bottle blonde

For anyone with fine hair, trying to fake volume is a constant struggle involving everything from foaming mousse to salt spray to powder. But Margot Robbie’s hair stylist looked beyond beauty products to give the actress’s hair a boost: she used beer instead.

Speaking to Refinery29, hair stylist Adruitha Lee revealed the challenges in getting Margot’s hair to resemble figure skater Tonya Harding’s ’80s perm for I, Tonya.

‘We had to tell the story, and correctly interpret the hair,” Lee explains. “So many people have tried to get the look and have missed, but I wanted to get it right because I didn’t want anything to distract from the story.”

Margot wore multiple wigs to portray Harding over the decades, but even they needed work. “We had to really fry the wigs,” Lee says. “I would perm and colour the wigs over and over again to get the texture.”

But even that wasn’t enough. So Lee turned to alcohol.

“To set the hair, we didn’t use setting lotions or mousse — we used beer — as crazy as that sounds,” Lee admits. “There’s no way that we could’ve gotten the fringe to stand up the way that we did, or the way they used to, with just a regular mousse.”

We have a feeling only an Australian actress would agree to this particular hair hack.

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