Margot Robbie Is Completely Unrecognisable Now

What has she done?!

While we’re used to Margot Robbie disguising herself in public – remember that wig she wore at Glastonbury? – the transformation she has undergone for her latest film role is so complete, it’s hard to believe it’s actually her.

The Daily Mail has unearthed snaps of Robbie on the set of Mary Queen of Scots, which is currently filming in London. Robbie plays Queen Elizabeth I – a role made famous by Cate Blanchett in 1998’s Elizabeth – and for anyone doubting whether she can pull it off, these images show she at least looks the part:

With her frizzy red hair (complete with receding hairline), pockmarked, ghostly pale skin and what has to be a prosthetic nose, Robbie’s transformation is utterly convincing. That distant sound you hear? Only Robbie’s name being added to the 2018 Oscar nominations list… 

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