Let’s Talk About Margot Robbie’s Visible Hair Regrowth

Deliberate or just a matter of hair-don't-care?

Margot Robbie has had a whirlwind of a (northern) summer, traipsing around the globe promoting her two blockbuster films, Tarzan and Suicide Squad. And we couldn’t help but notice that the only thing more reliable than another Pinterest-worthy outfit is the appearance of some very visible, very dark hair root regrowth. 

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Here she is yesterday at the London premiere of Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie (Credit: Getty)

Margot’s roots are the same colour as her brows, and a stark contrast to her otherwise buttery shade. 

So what’s going on? Given that the actress is in the midst of a major career moment, we’re almost certain it’s not a matter of, oops, I forgot to get my hair coloured. So it must be deliberate. Which would tap into the whole “you beauty” direction that beauty has been heading (see: the rash of curl products being launched, alphabet creams that enhance but don’t mask skin, and so on).

Traditionally, visible roots have been the kind of thing women were quick to hide, speed-dialling their colourist for an emergency appointment or temporarily camouflaging with coloured dry shampoo. But for those who prefer a low-maintenance (aka, lazy-girl) beauty, the sit-back-and-watch-it-grow approach just got the red carpet tick of approval. 

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Here are a couple of other A-listers who have rocked dark roots with light hair:

Rachel McAdams (Credit: Getty)
Shailene McAdams (Credit: Getty)
Chrissy Teigen (Credit: Getty)

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