Marie Claire Editors Reveal What Their Mothers Taught Them About Love

Because sometimes, she really does know best

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, marie claire editors reveal what they’ve learnt about love from their number one role model. Pictured: Sarah Grant with her mum. 

“My mum taught me I was worthy of being the recipient of a special and lifelong connection with a partner. She encouraged me to value myself and I think having that self-belief helped to lead me to my wonderful husband. Love you Mum!” – Sarah Grant, Features Director.

Jessica Bosco
Jessica with her mum

“I think what my mum has taught me about love is that there’s no secret to it, no fancy words or grand gestures required, it’s just a constant feeling of happiness and security. My mum has always been there for me no matter what – regardless of the moody teenage attitude I gave her or trouble I got into growing up, she was always there with a hug and a cup of tea and I always knew everything would be ok. But I don’t think I truly appreciated my mum until I became one myself. It’s the unconditional kind of love that you can’t quite put into words. It’s a feeling, and I hope to pass that feeling on to my son every day.” – Jessica Bosco, Digital Content Editor.

Isabelle Truman
Isabelle with her mum

“Mum is one of the most self-less, giving and caring people in the world. She’d drop anything to help someone she loves – that is, unless it interrupts her MasterChef marathon. She taught me to love with all my heart but to always remember to look after myself and trust my intuition in the process.” – Isabelle Truman, Digital Content Editor.

Sally and her mum
Sally with her mum

“My mum taught me about caring for others and being kind. She is a mother to four children, a grandmother to seven grandchildren, a long-time supporter of her local community and a nurse for many years — I just think that her gentle and nurturing nature is innate within her. She was the best mum when we were little; always so willing to make our lives feel warm and safe. This feeling has continued on into my adulthood. She is always willing to bend over backwards to be there for me when I need her and my 5-year-old son adores her because she somehow makes even a trip to the shops an adventure. I love her very much.” – Sally Hunwick, Beauty Director.

Anna McClelland
Anna with her mum

“My amazing mum, who gave up her career as a lawyer so she could always be there for her children, has always modelled the kind of love that puts other people first. It’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve realised the full extent of the sacrifices she’s made for us.” – Anna McClelland, Digital Beauty Editor.

Tara Morris
Tara with her mum

“My mum has always taught me to love yourself, then everyone around you.” – Tara Morris, Junior Fashion Editor. 

Jordyn Christensen
Jordy with her mum

“The best advice my mother gave me is to love and take care of yourself first. You tend to attract positive people and energy that way. Everything else tends to fall into place after that.” – Jordyn Christensen, Beauty Writer. 

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