5 Reasons To Book A Massage This Weekend

Get them regularly for maximum results

1. Energy Levels Go Up

“Massage can promote the production of serotonin and oxytocin, the happiness hormones,” says Simone Astill-Khan, massage expert at Soothe, an on-demand massage service.

2. Stress Goes Down

“Massage releases tight, rigid tissues in the muscles that can cause pain and inflammation,” explains Astill-Khan. “The increased circulation helps move toxins through the body, which has a calming effect.”

3. Pain is Nixed

“Never underestimate the power of touch and how healing energy is transferred during a massage,” says Astill-Khan. “It will also get rid of the built up lactic acid in the body.”

4. Sleep Improves

“Massage triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to a better, deeper sleep,” says Astill-Khan.

5. Immunity is Boosted

As well as the feel-good factor, massage is also ideal for keeping winter bugs at bay. “Massage decreases cortisol levels (our stress hormone), so the body is more able to fight off bugs during the winter months” explains Astill-Khan.

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